RWS $9M in Rewards to Research Community


RWS acquired Article One Partners in September 2017 and has maintained and grown this world class research community of over 43,000 researchers in addition to its own traditional research team. The combination of approaches expands the ability of both research offerings, making RWS the single best resource for intellectual property (IP) research.


With an ISO qualified in-house analyst team and a Crowd of over 43,000 researchers, RWS has enabled a full set of search offerings from patentability and freedom to operate, to unique landscape, evidence of use and invalidity offerings that are only possible using the power of the Crowd. The vast technical experience and breadth of subject matter expertise, characteristic to the RWS Crowd, has enabled the development of valuable, cutting-edge applications unique to the IP market.


RWS’s razor- sharp focus on selecting and attracting researchers of the highest caliber is fundamental to its success. “The incredibly surprising things they find never cease to amaze us” said Peter Vanderheyden, COO of IP Research for RWS.  “The educational levels, experience, and language skills of our researchers are well beyond the normal population.  While our veteran researchers continue to deliver great work, our Crowd members come up to speed very quickly, sometimes winning awards for their first submissions,” he added.  “RWS researchers bring a breadth of technical skills that are unmatched, period.”


RWS applies both researchers and study experts from the Crowd to a wide variety of intellectual property studies.  The in-house team remains a staple in traditional, ISO-certified, research. Known for being an opaque sector with many challenges to overcome in uncovering actionable information, RWS brings transparency through its unique search options, each suited to deliver on the business-critical requirements its clients face, and all with consideration for the risk profile of the project.


All client research, whether traditional or crowd-based, is available via the RWS AOP Connect platform; more information can be found at


About RWS: RWS is the world’s leading expert in IP support services offering the highest-quality patent translations, a seamless global patent filing experience and a wide range of cutting-edge intellectual property (IP) search services. For over 60 years, we have led the industry, translating more than 90,000 legal, patent and IP related documents per year and helping our clients enforce their IP rights around the world.


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