Ruby Cup Offer Free Menstrual Cups for Health Workers


Who are Ruby Cup?

Ruby Cup’s mission is to provide sustainable period solutions for people around the world, regardless of their income. 

Since they were founded in 2012, Ruby Cup have donated one free menstrual cup for each cup sold. Up until now, Ruby Cup has donated cups to people experiencing period poverty, working via local partner organisations to donate the cups alongside sound education on reproductive health and menstrual care. So far, they have donated over 90,000 cups. 

Due to the spread of COVID-19, Ruby Cup’s usual donation programs and menstrual health workshops are now on pause. 

Free Menstrual Cups for Health Workers

Whilst Ruby Cup’s regular donation programs are on hold, they are offering free menstrual cups to health workers on the front lines of the pandemic. 

“We’re hearing reports of period products disappearing from shelves due to panic buying,” says Julie Weigaard Kjær, CEO and Co-Founder of Ruby Cup. “Thousands of health workers are taking on long shifts with very few breaks. When they do get time off, spending hours tracking down period products should not be their main concern. Whilst at work, many health workers are wearing protective clothing that is prohibitive and makes bathroom breaks difficult. For health workers who have periods, this means that attending to their own needs and managing their periods with dignity becomes difficult. To help where we can, we’re offering free Ruby Cups to anyone working on the front lines.”

How Can Medical Workers Get Hold of a Ruby Cup?

Health workers and potential distributors can get in touch with Ruby Cup on [email protected]. Cups are available to health workers across Europe. 

Ruby Cup menstrual cups are available via the Ruby Cup website for €28.95, including donation.

Media contact

Kitty Jackson

PR and Content Executive, Ruby Cup

+44 7867 804 731

[email protected]


  • Ruby Cup was founded in 2012. The company’s international team are based out of Barcelona and Nairobi and work with a network of strategic partner organizations across the globe. Together, Ruby Cup and their partners are normalizing sustainable period care and expanding access to menstrual health education. 
  • Ruby Cup has worked with a wide range of partner organisations, from high profile international partners including CARE.org and Save the Children, to grassroots organisations like teacher-led Ditch the Rag in the UK and locally run The Golden Girls Foundation in Kenya.