ROMEO Releases International Survey Results of 75,000 Gay Men’s COVID-19 Outlook


ROMEO dating platform has conducted and analyzed an international survey to study the personal, economic, and societal effects of the global pandemic on LGBT+ life.

57% ARE FEELING POSITIVE- Overall people are positive, 57% state they are feeling good to very good. France is leading the world positive mood with 65% placing themselves in this category, a stark contrast to their UK neighbors who are coming in at just 44%. India’s spirits are the hardest hit with only 23% feeling good.

40% ARE VERY HORNY- 40% of respondents are feeling hot and bothered in lockdown. This increases to 55% in 18-24’s. When it comes to the horniest countries – Spain is topping the charts in Europe at 49% and India leading the rest of the world at 56%. 

70% ABSTAINING FROM MEETING FOR SEX- 70% of ROMEO users are not meeting for dates or sex. This number increases in countries with stricter rules, Italy and Spain (86%). Germany and Sweden rank lowest at 61% and 62% respectively. 48% of respondents are dating online only during the lockdown.

ECONOMY IS MORE WORRYING THAN HEALTH- On the subject of health and financial future, users are more worried about the economic impact of Covid-19 then health. 43% state they are worried about their health, while 50% fear for their financial future. This spikes in India, 73% worry about what is to come financially. Only 32% of Spain’s respondents are worried about their health. Younger respondents (18-25) fear more for their financial future than the over 65’’s (45% are not worried at all).

57% FEAR FOR GAY COMMUNITY- With the real economic impact still to be realized, we asked if people feared for the future of their local LGBT+ community. Small businesses and community organizations can be a lifeline for many. Globally 35% said they were concerned. The UK is the least concerned at 20% and Germany the most at 46%. The 45-65 age group are the most worried. 45% of 18-35 are not worried at all.

40% AGREE WITH LOCKDOWN MEASURES- 40% of the respondents think their country’s measures were just right. 32% felt they could be stricter or were not strict enough. France and the UK are the least satisfied with Government measures, 53% of French and 49% of UK users think their country should have stricter rules. In Sweden, where there was a different approach to lockdown, 56% claim their government got things right.

1 in 5 HAVE LOST THEIR MOJO- COVID-19 is proving to be a mood killer, 21% of respondents stated they have no interest in dating during this period. 35-54 age range accounts for nearly half of this figure. Spanish users are experiencing a dampening of desire the most at 40%.

SUMMER VACATIONS WILL BE CLOSE TO HOME- Overseas travel is on hold for 2020. 73% of people do not have plans to travel outside their country. Spain leads this at 85%.  Some UK respondents still are hoping for a vacation this year with 29% planning overseas holidays, and 31% undecided.

COUPLES ARE THRIVING- Of the 31,899 people with partners, 17% claim that they are getting on better than usual. USA and India top this at 29%, and the UK is just behind at 27%. Italy which has experienced one of the longest periods of lockdown is unsurprisingly behind the global average at 14%.

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Survey Methodology

Results based on 75,840 respondents worldwide who answered a five-minute online survey between April 24 and May 11, 2020. ROMEO users were invited to participate via ROMEO platform and social media 


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