There has been much speculation in the nostalgic jukebox market and Rock-Ola felt compelled to state its position. The CEO and owner of Rock-Ola, Alexander Walder-Smith said “Whilst we were honored to be approached by the agent for this great brand name, Rock-Ola will not be pursuing the matter at this time. We are very comfortable with our own illustrious brand name and its positioning; it lent its name to Rock ‘n’ Roll after all. What could be a stronger endorsement of our product and great history of our company that has been making jukeboxes and games for nearly a century”

Rock-Ola is the only nostalgic American jukebox manufacturer left of the so called “Big 4” American Jukebox manufacturers, namely Rock-Ola, Wurlitzer, Seeburg and AMI. “I have great respect for the legacy of Rudolf Wurlitzer, but for Jukebox purists that legacy ended when their American business ceased trading in 1974” said Walder-Smith. ”Rock-Ola has its own well-established all American brand identity which continues to be manufactured today.”

“We are the longest trading Jukebox and games company and have been an American manufacturer since 1927. We believe in provenance, it’s important to our loyal customers that the Rock-Ola Jukebox is actually made in the USA, it’s one of the best-known icons of American history.”

He added “We have staff at our current factory who worked for the Rockola family back in the day, our company has always been family owned and I am privileged to continue the legacy”.

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