RightNow August ’08 Adds Web2.0 and Online Collaboration Capabilities to On Demand CRM Solution

Maidenhead, UK. — Aug 26, 2008

Today RightNow® Technologies (NASDAQ: RNOW) introduces August ’08, the latest version of the company’s on demand, customer relationship management (CRM) solution. August ‘08 harnesses the power of Web 2.0 to enable consumer-centric organisations to transform their static website support environments into branded, highly interactive online service experiences for customers.

Web 2.0: New RightNow Customer Portal

–    With the RightNow customer portal, organisations can easily brand and personalise the website service experience, infusing it with interactive Web 2.0 information resources. The RightNow customer portal;

–    Is part of RightNow Service and includes best practices for online customer self-service.

–    Supports consumers’ increased reliance on digital mediums to make informed buying decisions, with the ability to flexibly incorporate Web 2.0 technologies in the form of widgets, video, forums, and blogs.

–    Includes a studio development environment to easily create and manage the online service experience, including integration with Adobe Dreamweaver, the industry’s leading web development product.

The Collaboration Key: Co-Browse and Proactive Chat

–    Live, interactive assistance exactly when online consumers need it.

–    RightNow co-browse ensures organisations and consumers are on the same page – literally. Co-browse lets consumers securely invite an agent, either on the phone or during an online chat session, to share their desktop and navigate/browse together, whether for resolving a problem, filling out a form, or guiding them through an online purchase.

–    Proactive chat is a new feature of RightNow chat that presents a chat invitation to a consumer based on specific, definable circumstances, such as being a premier or gold customer or spending a certain amount of time on a site.

Comments on the Importance of Great Online Consumer Experiences

“The overall quality of customer experience is largely defined by personalised online interactions. Companies that consistently deliver these positive customer experiences across all touch points maintain consumer loyalty, build stronger brands and are better able to avoid competition on price alone – therefore they grow faster and earn healthier profits than companies that don’t consider consumer experience a priority.”

Greg Gianforte, CEO, RightNow

“With more access to information, more sensitivity to price, and less sensitivity to advertising, customers are getting harder to win and keep. Organisations try to woo these empowered consumers with mediocre experiences – but it won’t work. Firms need to dramatically raise the bar on the customer experience they provide.”

Bruce D. Temkin, Forrester Research
From the January 2007 report, Experience-Based Differentiation

“The online gaming market by its very nature requires us to be much more highly engaged with our online customers than is needed for the typical offline game customer. RightNow enables us to cost-efficiently deliver the premium-quality customer experience that differentiates our brand.”

Brad Wilcox, executive director of global customer service, Sony Online Entertainment

Comments on the New Customer Portal

“Our customer portal helps organisations tap new online resources and communities while wrapping it within their overall brand experience. The wide range of pre-built and custom widgets —from answer search and announcements to forums, videos or shipping calculators— delivers on RightNow’s strategy of offering our customers a flexible and interactive consumer platform for personalised online support.”

David Vap, vice president of products, RightNow

About RightNow Technologies

RightNow (NASDAQ: RNOW) delivers the high-impact technology solutions and services organisations need to cost-efficiently deliver a consistently superior customer experience across their frontline service, sales and marketing touch-points. Approximately 1,800 corporations and government agencies worldwide depend on RightNow to achieve their strategic objectives and better meet the needs of those they serve. RightNow is headquartered in Bozeman, Montana. For more information, please visit RightNow Technologies.

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