Revolutionary Multi-Function Transforming Instruments

Played in the same way as a ukulele or a guitar, the EU-ONE comes with 10 different preset tones and to choose between, six different play modes, and four different drum rhythms sets. In order to make playing the EU-ONE and learning music even more fun. There’s even an official App, which allows you to play in the style of a guitar or bass, and comes with even more drum rhythms sets.

With this App, users can also connect with others via Bluetooth, making it so that beginners can learn to play without going to a music classroom. The EU-ONE is easy to fold, and easy to carry, giving you the freedom to play and enjoy music wherever and whenever you want.

The team behind this app also created a free URL, allowing engineers who love music and coding to design and create their own multi- function instruments. If interested, feel free to contact them via e-mail. Currently, the EU-ONE’s early bird price is US$299 on Indiegogo (afterwards it will revert to US$319), and shipping is planned for before the end of May, 2016. The EU-ONE is available for purchase on Indiegogo.


Maker Hart Industry Corp.
Sandy Tsai, +886-3-3960153