Redmegacentro S.A announces the completion of the sale of MegaArchivos, document and information management branch to AccessCorp



AccessCorp is the world’s largest privately-held integrated information management services provider…


Claudio Chamorro, CEO of Redmegacentro commented that the sale of this subsidiary is part of strategic plan drawn up by the company’s board of directors, which aims to concentrate the company in its core business. It also contributes to enhance the company’s financial position and the strategic business growth.


MegaArchivos S.A and HQB S.A are dedicated to management of information through custody, administration, and digitalization of documents, in addition to development of focused software for supporting the improvements of the administration processes of its clients. To do these, it operates state of the art facilities that provide high-end security standards, which provide great value added and excellence quality service at meeting the needs of users.


On the buyer’s side, Access is the world’s fastest growing document and information management company. Its main focus is the delivery of archiving services, management and digital transformation with which they provide a quality service to its 30,000 clients around the world. Access has strategically grown organically and through acquisitions since its foundation in 2004 and has acquire more than 180 companies in Latam.


About Red Megacentro:


Redmegacentro currently has operations in Chile, Peru, and the USA, totaling a GLA of 1,591,000 m2. The company was founded in 2009 with the first logistics center in the city of Concepción, Chile. Then, in 2012, it began operations in Miami, USA and in 2014 it entered Peru. To date, there are 64 properties for rent, of which 49 are in Chile, 9 in the USA and 6 in Peru.


Media Contact:

Miguel Chubretovic