RealEstate.Exchange owner DigiShares launches capital raise on its own tokenization platform


DigiShares is kicking off its Series A capital raise today.


RealEstate.Exchange (RE.X), the world’s first licensed and regulated blockchain-based exchange for listing and trading of real estate assets, is owned and supported by DigiShares. DigiShares is a market leading provider of white label solutions for tokenization of real estate.


The raise is taking the form of a Security Token Offering (STO). The tokens will be minted on the Ethereum chain. Investors will be able to purchase ERC-1404 security tokens representing ownership in DigiShares’ Delaware Corporation. DigiShares will use its own white-label tokenization platform to support its STO.


RealEstate.Exchange will be a regulated marketplace enabling real estate investors to trade quality real estate assets in a safe and compliant manner. Further, the marketplace will be based on blockchain technology for increased efficiency and transparency. The marketplace will initially launch on Ethereum and will be licensed in the eurozone. Technical work has been ongoing for more than one year now and launch is expected before summer 2023. Launch in the US is expected later in 2023 or the following year.


Real estate developers and asset owners will be able to list their assets for to achieve liquidity for their investors. Global real estate is a massive asset class with $226T of AUM. However, very few percent of global real estate are traded and available to retail investors. RE.X wants to change this.


RealEstate.Exchange and DigiShares Head of Blockchain, Mark Dencker stated: “Instead of going the traditional route of seeking VC funds, we wish to enable our community to own a part of our company and grow together with them. We also don’t want our investors to be locked in for years. In short, we want to benefit from our own product and the blockchain ecosystem, which are leading to democratization, liquidity optionality and frictionless payments.”


About RealEstate.Exchange and DigiShares Inc.


RealEstate.Exchange is the world’s first regulated and blockchain-based marketplace with the vision to democratize the access to attractive real estate assets for retail investors. DigiShares is one of the leading providers of white-label tokenization platforms for real world assets, combining smart contract creation, investor onboarding, cap table management, and peer-to-peer trading in an end-to-end solution. With DigiShares, real asset owners and fund managers can automate processes, more easily fractionalize ownership and democratize access, and increase liquidity through the built-in bulletin board or RealEstate.Exchange.