Read It and Sleep!

That is just one finding from new research that shows Sleep Number® products significantly improve people’s sleep quality — as measured by restful time in bed using SleepIQ® technology, which lets consumers track and optimize their sleep.

The biggest predictors of improved sleep quality are adjusting your Sleep Number setting and having a FlexFit™ adjustable base; those who have individualized their sleep experience by changing their Sleep Number setting and have a FlexFit adjustable base are 61 percent more likely to sleep better. And one third of sleepers with SleepIQ technology who had improved sleep say that purchasing a new mattress is the reason they are sleeping better; 21 percent attribute their improved sleep to changing their sleep routine (going to bed earlier and having a consistent bedtime).

“This research again proves the value of individual sleep knowledge and the ability to make adjustments to your bed for your best quality sleep,” said Shelly Ibach, president and chief executive officer, Select Comfort. “Consumers are beginning to understand that your mattress matters when it comes to better sleep, and one of the easiest ways to improve your quality of sleep is to adjust the firmness of your bed.”

This new study shows that 96 percent of adults believe that better sleep leads to a healthy life. Sleep Number customers surveyed report that when they have a good night’s sleep they:

– Are in control of their day (64 percent).

– Take on their day with gusto (60 percent).

– Feel more confident (55 percent).

– Stick to an exercise plan (54 percent).

– Have a “glass half-full” attitude (53 percent).

If sleep quality declines, primarily driven by schedule changes and gaining weight, more than two-thirds of sleepers report less daytime energy and one third said they feel older. This group also reported that when they have poor sleep they:

– Feel their reaction time is delayed (61 percent).

– Feel they don’t look their best (56 percent).

– Feel in a fog or a daze (55 percent).

“Sleep deprivation in this country is real, and there is a clear connection between quality sleep and one’s health and wellbeing. By adopting new technologies, people can better understand the importance of sleep — and that sleep restores us, so we can be our best selves tomorrow,” said Ibach. “At Sleep Number, we are dedicated to developing sleep innovations that deliver meaningful benefits to individuals and families: proven better sleep for a healthier, happier, more productive life.”

About the SleepIQ Study

In partnership with YouGov, Sleep Number conducted an online survey of 1,079 Sleep Number customers that use SleepIQ® technology to understand what drives changes in sleep quality and understand behaviors and attitudes of sleepers who have both improvement and decline in sleep quality. The sample was randomly selected from two groups of SleepIQ technology customers, and uses SleepIQ® data from June 2015 and September 2015.

About Select Comfort Corporation

Sleep Number, a sleep innovation leader, delivers unparalleled sleep experiences by offering high-quality, innovative sleep products and services. The company is the exclusive designer, manufacturer, marketer, retailer and servicer of a complete line of Sleep Number® beds. Only the Sleep Number bed offers SleepIQ® technology — proprietary sensor technology that works directly with the bed’s DualAir™ system to track and monitor each individual’s sleep. SleepIQ technology communicates how you slept and what adjustments you can make to optimize your sleep and improve your daily life. Sleep Number also offers a full line of exclusive sleep products including FlexFit™ adjustable bases and Sleep Number® pillows, sheets and other bedding products. Consumers also benefit from a unique, value-added retail experience at one of the more than 480 Sleep Number® stores across the country, online at, or via phone at (800) 753-3768.


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