RBCC Partner n3D to Start Global Distribution of 3D Bioprinting Technology

Under the pact, Reprocell will market and sell n3D’s BioAssembler and Magnetic 3D Bioprinting products to academic and governmental-institute life science researchers as well as to the pharmaceutical and biotech industries.

 “This red-letter global distribution agreement will provide researchers much easier access to our cutting-edge 3D cell culture system,” said n3D President and Chief Science Officer Glauco Souza. “Reprocell has very strong networks in academia and on the industrial side, too, both in North America, Asia and the European Union. With the BioAssembler and Magnetic 3D Bioprinting product lines available now to a wider array of researchers, we can expect to see faster advances in life sciences, drug discovery and personalized medicine.”

RBCC CEO Kimberly Palmer added, “3D bioprinting has tremendous potential for good in so many key areas now under research. We’re quite happy these important product lines will now be available for academic and industrial use worldwide. This milestone agreement will not only build shareholder value, it will also provide life science researchers valuable tools to improve treatments for many diseases, such as cancer.”

The agreement successfully culminates RBCC’s and n3D’s recent efforts to boost awareness of their 3D bioprinting capabilities. The BioAssembler and Magnetic 3D devices use biocompatible magnetic nanoparticles to magnetically bioprint and levitate cells, allowing them to grow into 3D structures much faster and more simply than competing technologies.

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