Rapid Cure Created For PTSD and Phobias. But “NO” You Cannot Have It

The British inventor of a super-fast, 100% drug free treatment for the likes of PTSD and phobias says he has hit serious problems reaching people in the UK. He cannot get the NHS or UK military even to trial it despite the promise of cheap and rapid cures. Unlike other methods, the very rapid treatment is designed to work in minutes and has been personally tested and endorsed by a wide variety of therapists in countries around the world.

“It’s not as easy as you might think to get the likes of the NHS even to look at a cure such as this,” says the UK therapist who invented it. 

“My method for the treatment of PTSD, stress and phobias is usually very quick and extremely powerful.  It’s  also totally drug free and usually even severe anxieties respond in minutes, as many therapists have testified.

“It’s been used and endorsed by people and therapists from all over the world now, but if you want access to it here in the UK then you might have a problem. Because of its speed and reliability it’s a treatment which could shave hundreds of millions of pounds off Britain’s health spend… But so far I cannot get the NHS even to trial it. 

“With cash strapped  Britain so riddled with debt and with such enormous savings on offer it’s truly bizarre. It seems that the NHS isn’t culturally designed to move in new or innovative ways.”

He went on to say, “I first approached the NHS via my local PCT in 2009, and other approaches to the NHS have since been made, but so far they haven’t even tested it.  

“More than one Member of Parliament has been approached too but so far also without effect. I think perhaps changing the NHS’s working practices is something even MPs can’t help with. Whatever the reasons, the NHS hasn’t even looked at this method and currently doesn’t look likely to despite the many endorsements, simplicity and power. 

“Strangely the prospect of a highly effective treatment, faster better results, zero drug use and simultaneously saving hundreds of millions of pounds seems to cut no ice whatsoever.”

He then explained that the UK military has also been approached regarding the use of this method in order to provide fast and effective treatment for PTSD. But again, despite massive PTSD problems amongst service personnel, the armed forces have so far also shown no interest in even assessing it. The method is called PSTEC(TM) or Percussive Suggestion Technique.

“I believe that our service personnel deserve support. I’m happy for the UK military to have access for free. This fast and powerful technique is designed for the treatment of PTSD and will revolutionise treatment if only they’d try it. But this is where it gets really perplexing.  

“The UK’s Armed Forces have a defence budget of about thirty billion pounds a year. That’s an enormous amount of funding. But despite suggestions to do so, they have shown no interest whatsoever in spending even one pound of that enormous budget to assess this powerful method for treating PTSD. Personally, I think that’s surprising.”

Because of the difficulties faced in the UK, Mr Phizackerley ended up making a deal with a USA based company, a deal which gave them a series of worldwide distribution rights. 

“Because of the steps I’ve had to take over the years, professional, education, business or corporate use does now require an inexpensive licence; peanuts by comparison with any other method  but a licence all the same. But because traumatised service personnel urgently need effective treatment, the UK Military can still have access completely for free. I’ve made absolutely sure of that. 

“The ideal situation of course is for people to have professional guidance in person. But because the authorities are so slow moving it might be a long time before they wake up to what this technique can easily do and also just how fast it does it.Therefore and in the meantime, if you’re willing to do self help then you can download and try this method  at home yourself – 100% free.” 

He finally added, “Because it’s free to download for personal use, the effectiveness can easily be confirmed by anyone, journalists included. I gather they frequently feel stressed or upset and might have been traumatised by the things they’ve had to report on. Any journalist can try the free download on such things. Only minutes later, most will discover that this process works brilliantly.”

Notes to Editors:

The system can be tried for free, for self help. It comes as a free download with instructions.

The free download is at: www.pstec.org or www.pstecaudiosource.org

Journalists are very welcome to try it and discover it works as described. It generally takes only a few minutes. 

For support there is also a free user forum and a series of fascinating free interviews with people who’ve personally used it on a wide variety of problems.

After seeing the results in person, a small number of pioneering UK high schools in the North West of England have recently begun using this method under licence. This is in order to provide troubled pupils with rapid and effective outcomes for emotional problems. This work for schools has mostly been undertaken by a Psychologist and therapist called Peter Owen.

Tim Phizackerley, the inventor of this method is a trained teacher, a former computer analyst and is now a therapist specialising in Bulimia Nervosa, Anorexia and chronic alcoholism. He is also an expert in hypnotism and hypnosis.  

The method called PSTEC(TM) draws on many things including suggestion, classical psychological principles, neuroscience research and also work in artificial intelligence which has then been reapplied to human learning and problem resolution.  
Despite his background with hypnosis, This treatment method (PSTEC) is NOT hypnosis. He designed it to do things which hypnosis could not. 

For Media Enquiries, contact:

Tim Phizackerley (The inventor of PSTEC – Percussive Suggestion Technique)

UK mobile telephone number: 07967 529130

For other methods of contact, see his personal hypnosis website at www.britainsfastesthypnotist.com