Rachael Ray and DelBrenna Jewelry launch trident jewelry collection in honor of Ukraine on 32nd Anniversary of Independence


Rachael Ray and DelBrenna Jewelry launch trident jewelry collection in honor of Ukraine on 32nd Anniversary of Independence

[NEW YORK, NY, Aug 24) – Today, Rachael Ray and DelBrenna Jewelry launch WEAR HOPE HELP UKRAINE, a jewelry collection featuring the Ukrainian trident, available at RachaelRay-DelBrenna.com. Sales of the jewelry for men and women will provide resources for Ukraine, including food and healthcare, in partnership with Ukrainian Congress Committee of America (UCCA).

“The Ukrainian trident is a symbol of hope, strength, and tenacity. While August 24th marks the 32nd anniversary of Ukraine Independence Day, we are reminded that Ukraine’s independence remains under threat,” said Sebastian DelBrenna of DelBrenna Jewelry.

The WEAR HOPE HELP UKRAINE collection includes three pendant styles, Circle, Shield and Trident, crafted in 925 sterling silver, with a choice of two finishes (24k yellow gold or white rhodium) and three lengths, retailing for $299-$399, priced according to chain length. Fifty-five percent (55%) of each purchase will aid UNBROKEN National Rehabilitation Center in Ukraine, where adults and children affected by the war receive qualified medical and wellness care, through the assistance of UCCA.

Rachael Ray and DelBrenna Jewelry owners, Sebastian and Megan DelBrenna decided to combine their talents after Rachael returned from assisting the front line, packing medical and food supplies, and conducting cooking classes in Ukraine.

“From the moment we arrive, we do whatever the community needs, whether it is cooking for 5000 or providing medical equipment and cooking supplies. Now, we are committed to UNBROKEN. Everyone who is injured in Ukraine is brought to UNBROKEN. It has medical facilities, prosthesis, rehabilitation training and on, but it does not have a kitchen equipped to feed thousands,” said Ray.

“We are honored and privileged to work together with two amazing partners. I have now traveled five times to Ukraine with an outstanding humanitarian, Rachael Ray. Together, we have seen the eyes of the Ukrainian children, mothers and fathers, grandparents, and all those who are sacrificing their lives for the entire democratic world. We will continue to make a difference in their lives”, said, Andriy Futey, president, UCCA.

Megan DelBrenna added, “We strongly hope that the collection inspires and generates support for Ukrainians and those administering care in Ukraine. If so, the campaign has achieved success.”

To shop the WEAR HOPE HELP UKRAINE collection or learn more, visit RachaelRay-DelBrenna.com


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