Quorum Unveils Bolstered Product Offering Tailored for EU Affairs Professionals


Quorum, best-in-class software for public affairs, today announces a refreshed and reinforced product offering, specifically tailored towards EU affairs professionals. The update is based on two flagship tools: Quorum Communications, a media monitoring and outreach solution, and Quorum European Union, now with enhanced legislative tracking and stakeholder engagement capabilities. The move cements Quorum’s foothold in the EU public affairs market as a trusted partner to public affairs professionals across Europe and further afield.


Quorum Communications is designed to help policy communications professionals build valuable press relationships, track important headlines, and keep a finger on the pulse of the media landscape — all in one place. With over 600,000 press contact and media outlet profiles, as well as integrated social listening capabilities, Quorum Communications allows users to find and connect with exactly the right journalists and navigate the media conversation in a matter of clicks. This launch demonstrates Quorum’s commitment to developing a completely integrated, modern, one-stop shop for public affairs and policy communications professionals.


“With the 2024 European elections just around the corner, it’s never been so important for EU affairs professionals to keep a comprehensive view on the policy landscape — and that includes the media landscape,” said Quorum’s Co-founder & CEO Alex Wirth. “Thanks to this important update to our product portfolio, our clients can now seamlessly integrate Quorum Communications with powerful legislative tracking, stakeholder engagement, and issue management solutions from Quorum. With everything in one place, users can get their story to the press and to policymakers at the same time.”


The bolstered Quorum European Union allows EU affairs professionals to make their mark on the policy landscape, now earlier than ever, thanks to enhanced legislative tracking capabilities. With the inclusion of Commission Initiatives, public consultation summaries, impact assessments, and fitness checks, users can easily identify upcoming policy risks and execute a timely and targeted stakeholder engagement strategy using a tool built for political stakeholder engagement.


“Timing is everything, especially in EU affairs — and with the enhanced Quorum European Union, our clients can now make their mark on the policy landscape earlier than ever,” said Arnaud Sonnet, Quorum’s Managing Director, Europe.


“Quorum offers public affairs professionals one integrated platform to gather intelligence, map key players, engage with change-makers, and track their impact — helping them shape legislation as it unfolds.”


Present in Brussels since 2017, Quorum has built best-in-class public affairs software that has helped organisations such as Fourtold, an integrated public affairs and communications consultancy with an office in Brussels, and trade associations, including the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations.


About Quorum


Quorum is public affairs software that helps you work smarter and move faster. Thousands of public affairs professionals use Quorum for their work in Congress, all 50 state legislatures, major U.S. cities, the European Union, and over two dozen additional countries. Founded in 2014, Quorum is headquartered in Washington, D.C. with an international office in Brussels. Learn why Quorum is best in class at www.quorumeu.com.




Siobhan Pitcher

Communications Manager, EU

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