Property Owners and Occupiers Warned to be Vigilent

For the first time in a decade England and Wales is faced with the prospect of reduced national fire fighting cover after the Fire Brigades Union announcement of industrial action. The decision to strike will have an impact on commerce, industry and the population at large. 

The strike will take place for 4 hours on Wednesday 25 September and although contingency plans are in place, the arrangements cannot be expected to substitute the expertise and rapid response that we now take for granted from one of the most professional fire services in the world.  During this strike action it is imperative that companies, public sector organisations, communities and individuals all take preventative action to avoid a potentially escalating death, injury and property damage toll. 

Jonathan O’Neill, FPA Managing Director states ‘it is vital that businesses of whatever size and type prepare immediately to take preventative, inexpensive and simple steps to reduce the chances of fire breaking out at work.  Fire safety measures that are employed in the workplace can just as easily be applied in the home so organisations also have a big part to play in protecting their key asset – their staff.’  Such procedures include checking that: 

·         all fire protection equipment (smoke alarms, extinguishers, sprinkler systems etc) is in place and fully operational

·         a good housekeeping policy is followed, for example, making sure hot work procedures are properly managed and that waste materials are disposed of regularly

·         smoking areas away from buildings and external storage areas are identified and all smoking materials extinguished properly

·         all staff/occupants are reminded of the procedures to follow in the event of a fire

·         fire safety checks are carried out last thing at night 

Business owners and employers requiring practical information and advice on making their company safer from fire can download free fire safety checklists direct from the FPA Website –

About the FPA

FPA is the UK’s national fire safety organisation whose mandate is to protect people, property and the environment by advancing fire prevention and protection techniques and to collaborate with its members, insurers, central and local government, the fire service and others in this work.

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