Proact IT Group: Proact to Offer Managed Infrastructure to Telema

The new infrastructure will support the fast growth of Telema’s business and customer base by providing a reliable and scalable solution.

“Telema EDI system connects more than 3,800 shops and 1,200 suppliers who exchange more than 14 million e-documents annually. The need for more data storage is growing with each new customer and each new service that is added,” explains Telema CEO, Hele Hammer, discussing the reasons for this investment.

Due to fast business growth, Telema needed a strong partner for technology but also for administration of the solutions. Hele Hammer adds: “E-business is running 24/7, therefore service availability is a key factor for us. It is also important that our partners are competent and willing to work with us on new development projects. In addition to infrastructure management, Proact is also offering us the ability to work with our development team”.

Proact was chosen as a partner by Telema due to its vast experience in providing business critical solutions and services. It was also important that there was a highly qualified team of Oracle specialists to manage the service locally in Estonia.

“The solution consists of Oracle databases on Solaris Cluster with new storage and backup infrastructure based on NetApp technologies. As Telema EDI services run on Oracle technologies it was important to use best-in-class clustering technology to provide an available and reliable service,” said Karel Kannel, Managing Director at Proact Estonia.

He added: “The solution provided by Proact takes into account the fast growth of Telema’s business and the high speed needed to introduce new services to the market. Managed services by Proact help to keep the Oracle environment running 24/7.”

By working with Proact, Telema can maintain reliable and high quality service to its customers.

About Proact

Proact is Europe’s leading independent datacentre and cloud services provider. Proact supplies business benefits by helping companies and authorities to reduce risk and costs, and above all to supply them with flexible, accessible and secure IT services. Proact’s cloud service operations manage 70 petabytes of information. Proact has completed more than 3,500 successful projects all over the world to date.

The Proact Group has more than 720 employees and operates in 15 countries in Europe and in the USA. Proact was founded in 1994, and its parent company Proact IT Group AB (publ) has been listed on Nasdaq Stockholm under the symbol PACT since 1999.

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