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Along with the popularity of wireless networks and the mobile devices capable of connecting to them, the need for supplying a proper security level arises.

To satisfy this need, SecPoint has offered a new device: the Portable Penetrator PP3000. Its job is to analyse and verify the level of any wireless network you choose.

The solution has tools for scanning wireless networks in your environment and helps to perform complete audits of scanned networks. It is able to crack security keys encrypted with WEP, WPA or WPA2. It manages not only to find gaps in security, but also provides all necessary data needed to fill these gaps.

All the information regarding the level of security, its weak points and suggested solutions of particular problems is presented in a report which supplies valuable information not only for those with technical knowledge but also those without it.

The Portable Penetrator PP3000 is based on a Dell Latitude netbook and wireless adapter equipped with a rather large antenna and USB port. The small netbook comes with 10.1″ screen, a battery capable of 5-6 hours’ work and an Intel Atom platform which provides satisfactory support and unconstrained mobility.

The platform tested had the Linux system installed. The previously mentioned wireless adapter’s antenna has a strength of 8dBi and the adapter itself can be mounted to the back of the screen using a simple but effective suction cup. The adapter is connected to the computer by a supplied USB cable.

The pre-installed software for the Portable Penetrator is browser-based. The user interface is designed to present all valuable information in an intelligible way. After completing a short setup process in which you set your network parameters and register your software, you can start the scanning process.

The device is capable of discovering all networks in range: hidden, as well as those with a very weak signal. It presents detailed information about these networks such as the name, type of encryption, signal strength and the number of connected users.

Once you have chosen the network to work with, it is time to verify its security level. Depending on the type of encryption and the number of connected users you can choose a different methods of attack. If you choose a dictionary-based method you can find such exotic languages as Iranian or Vietnamese.

The supplied dictionaries are a very strong part of the solution. The progress of cracking the security key of a chosen network can be easily monitored.

The data consists of such parameters as the speed of key generation, currently tested key or number of keys already tested. The speed of key generation heavily depends on the platform used. With our tested sample with Dual Core Atom 1.6 GHz it was 250 keys per second for a WPA encrypted network. If the password is discovered it is presented to the user.

The generated keys use alphanumeric characters so keys with different combination of letters and numbers can also be discovered. The methods used for wireless network cracking are based on those used by regular hackers, utilizing such techniques as a denial of service for example.

Security professionals will certainly appreciate the ability of choosing different types of attacks as well as a huge database of exploits and factory-shipped dictionaries. For those who have less experience SecPoint has supplied detailed how-to guides with the product.

When connected to the internet, the Portable Penetrator self-updates its firmware and signature databases. Whether you’re a security professional or a novice, the Portable Penetrator PP3000 is a complete solution for auditing and improving the level of security of wireless networks.

Thanks to a built-in report module you will have all the documentation of the security audits you have conducted. The product costs 999 EUR, which we say is great value for a complete solution like the Portable Penetrator PP3000.

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