Pop-classical Singer Angelica Rises Above Adversity To Release Her Powerful Debut CD & Book ‘Remember Who You Are’

“Angelica has an amazing voice, up there with Lara Fabian and Celine Dion.”
– Frank Peterson, Producer: Andrea Bocelli, Sarah Brightman

(TORONTO, ON – December 12, 2010) Featuring lush orchestration, pop sensibilities and a flawless voice with a nearly unheard-of five-octave range, Angelica’s Remember Who You Are brims with a confidence rarely found in a debut release.

The album’s nine original tracks – including the new single & video You’re My Reflection (www.bit.ly/igeBhL) – are written and produced by Angelica; a welcome anomaly for a genre where outside songwriters and producers are often the norm.

In a truly unique innovation, accompanying the CD is Remember Who You Are – The Story Behind the Song, a beautiful 130-page book that provides an in-depth narrative background on each of the songs and the life experiences that formed them.

The book also serves as a heart wrenching autobiography. Angelica’s personal back-story is in stark contrast to the diva lifestyle often associated with female pop-classical singers. Born and raised in communist Romania, her family lived in extremely modest conditions, under constant threat of government persecution.

Gifted with a natural musical talent and a tireless work ethic, Angelica had the makings of a promising career early on, one that lead to television appearances and non-stop touring. Sadly, her subsequent joy of moving to North America was marred by a painfully difficult and controlling marriage. Angelica was cut off from her loved ones back home and forced to abandon all musical aspirations. As such, the first few years out here saw her alone, discouraged and stripped of all confidence, working as a telemarketer and selling gas door to door.

Over time, Angelica slowly built up the courage and inner strength to leave her marriage, start life over, and begin pursuing her dream of music once again. Which brings us to present day. Remember Who You Are chronicles Angelica’s journey through the darkness into light. This is a rich, personal album of faith, inspiration, willpower and liberation.

This past September, Angelica made her mark on Toronto International Film Festival audiences when she spontaneously decided to sing a few songs outside Yorkville’s Vaticano Restaurant. Literally hundreds of people spilled into the street to watch, prompting the awe-struck police to reluctantly shut things down.

Remember Who You Are is now available for order at Walmart, Borders, & Barnes&Noble, and for download on iTunes.

Additional video clips: www.bit.ly/gEDL0H
Remember Who You Are streaming audio: www.iamangelica.com/music.htm

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