Polygon and DigiShares to Collaborate on Creating Decentralized ID Framework for the Tokenization Ecosystem

The framework, leveraging Polygon’s ID technology, will standardize verifiable credentials, facilitating compliant on-chain transactions and interoperability across EVM-compatible chains. Key KYC providers like Sumsub and Fractal ID will integrate into this standard, enhancing the framework’s utility.

The DITO framework will be open, transparent, and not tied to any specific vendor or revenue model, ensuring broad industry support. It will be crucial for wallet whitelisting, ID verification, and supporting various KYC requirements. The goal is to create a reusable, universally accepted DID standard, with industry support from entities like Polygon and DigiShares, and KYC providers Sumsub and Fractal ID.

Polygon’s VP of Product, Sebastián Rodríguez, and DigiShares CEO Claus Skaaning both emphasize DITO’s role in fostering a cohesive tokenization ecosystem and setting industry standards. Polygon’s extensive reach in the Ethereum ecosystem and DigiShares’ expertise in tokenization infrastructure underpin this initiative. The collaboration invites various industry players to contribute to this open framework.

The technical implementation involves Polygon’s ID SDK for verifiable credentials, enabling KYC providers to integrate seamlessly. This approach ensures data integrity and allows users to verify their identity once for multiple platform access. The framework will adapt to different jurisdictional needs, similar to the ERC20 standard’s adaptability. DigiShares’ clients and RealEstate.Exchange will be early adopters of this framework, which also plans to support accreditation checks and various wallets like Metamask and Altme.

For further involvement or information, contacts include [email protected], [email protected], and websites of the participating KYC providers.

Read more here: https://www.digishares.io/DITO