PMsquare acquires Quantum Leap Innovation as part of their continued investment into cloud solutions.



The acquisition of Quantum Leap Innovation represents a significant milestone for PMsquare as it expands its portfolio and greatly increases scale and expertise in its cloud business. The combined strengths of both entities will pave the way for greater opportunities and synergies within the cloud technology and analytics sectors.


Regarding this acquisition, PMsquare’s Managing Partner Dustin Adkison says, “When I learned there was an opportunity to acquire QLI, I knew we couldn’t pass it up. Having worked with [QLI CEO] Sanjeev [Pant] in the past, I’m confident his commitment to excellence is going to make PMsquare a better company, and his expertise around all things cloud will help us better serve our clients. The team he has built at QLI is second to none, and their addition will only make us stronger. At PMsquare, our mission statement is simple, ‘Success is helping others succeed.’ I have no doubt that this acquisition will help PMsquare make our clients successful in their data, analytics, and cloud journeys.”


Sanjeev Pant, CEO of Quantum Leap Innovation says, “Quantum Leap Innovation was founded with a focus on transformative data and application solutions. PMsquare is the ideal partner for us, combining a company recognized for its analytics success and perfectly aligning with our mission to guide clients in their digital transformation in the cloud.”


The acquisition is in line with PMsquare’s long-term growth strategy and commitment to providing cloud-first data and analytics solutions to its customers. The integration of Quantum Leap Innovation’s expertise and technology will further strengthen PMsquare’s ability to deliver unparalleled services and products.


About PMsquare:


PMsquare is a comprehensive solutions provider with deep knowledge of how to drive business value through data and analytics. Over the last decade, the PMsquare team has leveraged a unique blend of cutting-edge technologies, services, and expertise to craft customized technology solutions for hundreds of organizations across dozens of industries. PMsquare strives to evolve at the pace of technology advancement, and as a result, they continuously expand their portfolio to encompass a diverse range of technology-driven solutions.


About Quantum Leap Innovation:


Quantum Leap Innovation (QLI) is a digital solutions provider that specializes in helping businesses transform their outdated, inefficient, or unsupported systems to the cloud. It has been widely recognized and built a loyal customer base by helping customers achieve their business goals through legacy systems transformation, data-driven intelligence solutions, and digital application transformation. QLI brings deep knowledge and experience across all major cloud providers, positioning them well to help customers make optimal decisions about how to derive the most value from cloud technologies.


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