Planet of finance free to use from the start of November



Helping private and professional investors to interact online in an environment especially designed for them is the mission pursued by Planet of finance since its launch in 2016.


Limited in their movements, bankers, independent managers or other asset managers have been “under house arrest” for months, just like their clients and prospects. Road shows, business trips and prestigious events are postponed indefinitely. A real challenge for an industry that attaches so much importance to the quality of personal relationships.


Twenty years ago, this situation would have been catastrophic. But today, alternative solutions exist. Although slightly degraded compared to physical encounters, they are less expensive, less time-consuming and less damaging to the environment.


Planet of finance intends to actively support these changes in habits, some of which will remain beyond the health crisis, by offering a reliable alternative to physical meetings, especially in the initial phase of the relationship.


Now free for its members, Planet of finance wishes to encourage professionals, already subject to significant financial burdens, to improve their personal marketing, whether it is to gain new clients, promote their services or profile themselves within the industry (mergers, search for employees or employers).


The platform also offers a “Premium” option for 29.99 per month which allows, in addition to making online appointments, sending a personalized email per quarter to the Planet of finance database of over 100.000 contacts.


Finally, the new “Club Deal” feature allows entrepreneurs in search of co-investors to post their innovative projects on the platform and offers a visibility over periods ranging between 1 to 6 months.


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