PLANERGY and Amazon Business announce a new Punch-in Integration that Simplifies Purchasing for Midmarket Companies


A seamless integration between PLANERGY and Amazon Business offers a centralized purchasing experience and accounts payable processing in PLANERGY, with real time order availability through Amazon Business’ extensive catalog and supports a compliant spend management experience as orders are approved prior to being fulfilled.


Amazon Business Punch-in integration enables businesses to create purchase requests directly in Amazon Business without first accessing PLANERGY, further streamlining the process. Just fill your cart and orders will then seamlessly run through their automated procurement approval workflows in PLANERGY.


When orders are approved, PLANERGY instantly creates a purchase order (PO) that is linked to a customer’s Amazon Business order by the PO number, eliminating the need for manual entry.


Order Confirmations, Shipment Notifications, and e-Invoices from Amazon Business are automatically integrated into the 3-way match process in PLANERGY automating the full Procure-to-Pay process for Amazon Business orders right through to payment.


“At PLANERGY we love any opportunity to reduce manual tasks and remove friction in procurement the process for midmarket companies.” said Michael Higgins, PLANERGY CEO. “The Amazon Business Punch-in integration further streamlines the purchasing experience and we are delighted to be an early adopter of the format.”




PLANERGY automates the entire Procure-to-Pay and AP Automation process, improving operational and the strategic aspects of the Procure-to-Pay cycle – including eProcurement, AP Automation, Spend Transparency, Spend Analysis, Contract Management, Supplier Management, Financial Savings Management, and Request Management. Find out more at


PLANERGY is a leading global Spend Management Platform that enables mid-market businesses in all industries to manage their Business Spend confidently. Helping over 1,100 businesses worldwide to process billions in business spend.


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