PieceX Gets Chosen By Esade Business School As Top Startup At 4YFN 2022



During the 4-day long Mobile World Congress (MWC) event in Barcelona, over 500 global startups participated in the 4 Years From Now (4YFN) event, exhibiting their tech solutions to guests, VCs, potential business partners, and more.


PieceX, the first AI-Powered Marketplace for buying and selling software Source Code was showcasing its revolutionary solutions at 4YFN and conducted a presentation that captivated an audience consisting of a multitude of institutions, enterprises, world-renowned CEOs, and universities.


During the final day of 4YFN, there was a special segment for the one of the top business and law schools in Europe, ESADE, giving it the chance to choose and present the top 3 startups at 4YFN in a contest that included all 500+ startups from all across the globe exhibiting their Tech businesses at 4YFN.


ESADE Business & Law school is an educational landmark in the history of Europe, housing in its records of alumni, the CEO of PepsiCo, and HP Inc., and as such, it has chosen PieceX to be one of the Top 3 Startups at 4YFN to contest a top single startup at the event.


10+ teams of students started looking at various startups in order to choose only one each to represent amongst all 500+ startups. One of the teams chose PieceX as they believed it had the highest chance of scalability and success in the future and thus engaged with the PieceX team in a collaborative approach in order to gain higher understanding of PieceX’s solutions, business models, etc.


The presentation given by the students of ESADE Business & Law School in favor of PieceX made strong major points on PieceX’s Dynamic pricing and how it revolutionizes the marketplace.


ESADE also argued in favor of PieceX’s current situation, mentioning its massive user-base ranging at 55,000+ Worldwide Users, 35,000+ transactions, and over 1M USD in revenue as well as PieceX’s business model and how it serves as a marketplace for both buyers and sellers of software components. 


With a closer mentioning how PieceX is currently seeking to utilize upcoming funding in order to expand its business on a global level serving up to 160+ countries and gaining massive momentum in growth across Europe and North America, ESADE’s presentation for PieceX was met with great interest.


After a thorough process, it was announced that PieceX won the contest as the top startup at 4YFN, gaining precedence over all tech startups at the event and proving to be the most viable investment option in the region.


About One Act:-


One Act, a Japan-based startup engaged in software and AI technology development, launched PieceX as the first AI powered market for software trading. One Act is Headquartered in Tokyo with business offices in the USA, UK, France, and India.