Photographs of animals needing home are placed on thousands of pizza boxes daily



Animal welfare organizations mostly try to find owners for animals that have already been rescued but are awaiting adoption on social networking sites or on the Internet, but there are times when those poor animals wait for several years to get to their owners.


Pizza King and WebGarden decided to provide a whole new forum for home-seeking animals, helping to save even more animals in need.


It’s well known that if you adopt an animal, you’ll save the lives of two: the one you adopted and the one that will get its place in the shelter, pension, temporary shelters.


Pizza King delivers home-seeker puppies to thousands of homes a day by showing a sticker of a home-seeker puppy and a QR code on the pizza box. So, would you order from Pizza King, fate may bring you together with a new family member.


The QR code takes the visitor to the dog’s online profile on the website, developed and operated by WebGarden.


Home-seekers are rescued by the United Emergency Animal Welfare System’s (EVÁR) animal rescue organizations.


EVÁR’s organizations comply with strict ethical standards, so that all animals are chipped and vaccinated at the time of adoption and, if their state of health allows, neutered/spayed.


When characterizing animals, organizations introduce the home-seeker honestly, so not only are the good traits of the animal highlighted, but also those traits that may cause difficulty or require more attention.


WebGarden undertook the graphic design and printing of the stickers, which are tens of thousands per month.


Based on the first experiences of the project, we’re also planning to advertise kittens and other owner-seeking animals. is the result of another exemplary corporate social responsibility and cooperation. With this, we also want to encourage all businesses to help those in need to the best of their ability, as it is always a pleasure to see a good initiative starting and becoming successful.


The projects already have a community page:


This is where the puppies looking for owners go, so you can help them by following and sharing the page.




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