Personal Protective Equipment Manufacturers Stay Relevant by Catering to Younger Workforce

PPE manufacturers are focused on system integration of PPE products to meet end user demands for products that are easy-to-use and intuitive.

Global Welding Personal Protective Equipment Market (PPE), Forecast to 2021 is part of Frost & Sullivan’s Future of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Growth Partnership Subscription. The study covers the segments of head and face protection, eye protection, hearing protection, respiratory protection, hand protection, protective clothing, and foot protection. North America and Western Europe are poised for the highest growth, driven by initiatives to boost the skilled welder workforce.

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“Modern welding helmets are equipped with a range of value-added features, including electromagnetic arc sensing to prevent arc flashes and protective shade from all angles,” said Frost & Sullivan Visionary Science Research AnalystSanjana Prabhakar. “PPE manufacturers have also introduced powered air purifying respirators with automatic adjustment of airflow. These efficiency-enhancing PPE open up a host of opportunities for manufacturers across regions.”

While Europe and North America are huge markets, there will be a temporary dip in PPE demand in these regions due to the retirement of their aged workforce. On the other hand, the influx of younger welders will create opportunitiesfor the introduction of more stylish, intuitive and technologically advanced PPE. Furthermore, there will be pressure on manufacturers of high-end PPE to innovate due to the influx of low-cost Asian imports.

The European market will be particularly active once the macroeconomic uncertainty eases and investments begin to flow in. Furthermore, the repeal of the EU directive 89/686/EC, which provided a regulatory framework for the manufacture and marketing of PPE, is likely to ensure that PPE products come with a CE* marking. This is expected to create shifts in the manufacturing base, and manufacturers have to carefully consider the impact of the directive when devising their sourcing strategies.

“The segments that will experience the fastest growth are respiratory protection and head and face protection. The greater awareness of the danger of inhaling fumes and gases will stoke demand for welding respirators,” noted Prabhakar. “Meanwhile, growth in the head-and-face protection segment will be driven by higher demand for helmets with advanced technology. For example, helmets that come equipped with higher lens clarity and touchscreen technology will find enthusiastic acceptance in the market.”

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Global Welding Personal Protective Equipment Market (PPE), Forecast to 2021

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