Perlage Now Used In More Than 1,000 Top Restaurants

The Perlage System is the world’s first Champagne preservation device that combines simplicity, portability and low price, with a preservation quality that is virtually indistinguishable from a freshly opened bottle. Champagne producer Moët et Chandon found the product so effective that they commissioned an exclusive version of Perlage designed specifically for their legendary Dom Perignon brand.

“For years I’ve advocated pouring premium Champagnes such as Dom Perignon, Krug and Salon by the glass because it gets guests excited about a restaurant’s wine program and leads to better wine sales across the board. However, I have to warn restaurants that pouring these wines by the glass isn’t always profitable, and can even be quite costly, because of the waste from dumping unsold bottles at the end of the night,” said Jake Kosseff, an award-winning sommelier and wine program consultant.

“With Perlage, waste is no longer an issue in Champagne-by-the-glass programs because the system perfectly preserves the bead and flavor of the Champagne for weeks,” said Kosseff. “By eliminating waste, Perlage takes a good idea that used to be a loss leader, and transforms it into a profit center. And with Perlage units available for less than $300, Perlage is accessible to restaurants and bars of every size, with every type of beverage program. I recommend Perlage to all my clients.”

Seattle’s Canlis Restaurant has used the Perlage preservation system to create a very profitable by-the-glass Champagne program. Canlis wine management reported that the Perlage device paid for itself on the very first night of use. In a recent three week period, Canlis sold more than 40 bottles of Krug using a by-the-glass promotion, which then led to full bottle sales at three times their normal sales rate.

“Any time I can say ‘yes’ to a customer’s request, it’s good for business. If a customer wants a glass of Dom Perignon at ten minutes ‘til closing, I want to accommodate them,” said Ole Thompson Wine Director at Wild Ginger restaurant. Using Perlage, restaurant staff can open a premium bottle of Champagne any time without concern for waste.

“Restaurants all over the world are telling us similar stories” reports Perlage founder and president, Evan Wallace. “Our system is easier to use, insures absolute top quality, eliminates waste and creates a powerful new revenue stream for restaurants. Sommeliers tell us that Perlage gives them a new and interesting way to engage the customer, while also demonstrating that the restaurant is committed to the highest product quality and customer satisfaction,” said Wallace. “Passing the 1000 restaurant sales milestone is something we hoped would happen eventually, but we didn’t dream it would happen this soon. We couldn’t be happier.”

“As demand for our product line increases, we are expanding our distribution channels” said Wallace.

“In addition to direct sales from our website and distribution through producers such as Dom Perignon, we will be announcing a major national distribution agreement soon.”

About Perlage Systems

Based in Seattle, Washington, the Perlage System is the first and only Champagne and sparkling wine preservation device that combines simplicity, portability and low price, with a preservation quality that is virtually indistinguishable from a freshly opened bottle. Thoroughly tested and approved by the finest Champagne and sparkling wine producers in the world, the Perlage System is available for both restaurant and home use.

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