The Perfect Red Lipstick from Colorlab Custom Cosmetics

This no longer needs to be the case as getting the perfect shade of red is easy with Colorlab Custom Cosmetics.

Lipsticks are custom blended at the Colorlab counter to the customer’s unique specifications and any adjustments are made during the creation process.

This is critical because it is the subtleties that make all the difference. To find the right red, skin tone, hair and teeth colour all need to be taken into account. The Colorlab Inventor and the customer work together to achieve the perfect red lipstick.

Extras, such as shimmer, type of finish (shiny or matte) or SPF can be added to the lipstick, giving a greater opportunity for self-expression.

Once perfected, the lipstick is poured into a mould and placed in a lipstick tube. The lipstick making process is captivating, engaging and best of all, a red that makes you look and feel fabulous!

For more information or to book an appointment to have your perfect red lipstick custom blended at the Colorlab counter in Selfridges please contact Charlotte on 020 8964 2222 or