PAYBACK Expands Collaboration With artegic

PAYBACK is one of the largest marketing platforms wordwide and reaches more than 30 million customers in Germany through offline, online and mobile channels with over 28 million users. Core of the digital dialogue marketing platform is a content processing and workflow solution developed by artegic for the efficient collaboration between PAYBACK and over 650 partners and agencies. By using artegic’s content processing solutions, PAYBACK has already been able to cut more than 25% of its total expenditure of time invested in the creation of newsletter campaigns. Furthermore, artegic sends email communication and lifecycle communication on point balance of the PAYBACK users via its own international delivery platform PAYBACK and artegic have been working together since 2010. 

Digital dialogue is one of the most important communication channels for PAYBACK with its 28 million users. PAYBACK benefits from artegic’s up-to-date real-time CRM & marketing automation platform.  This enables PAYBACK to approach users with customised communication at the right moment and in the right context without time delay. Users receive suitable communication on their mobile terminal devices in less than 10 seconds after using their PAYBACK card at the check-out. Current data, such as point balance, are processed in real time.

In 2015 alone, 500 million coupon emails with offers from partner companies were sent via artegic technology.

Thanks to the user-specific individualised emails, partner companies achieve different goals from customer retention to customer intensification and up-selling or cross-selling. For maximum relevancy, the communication is sent in several thousand different, highly individualised variants so that every user will receive content which is attractive to him.

Individualising Through Automated Content Processing 

Without process automation and a high performance processing and real-time data integration, the large volume and the high degree of individualisation could not be managed economically. artegic technology offers a powerful base with its ELAINE Real-time Marketing Automation core. Real-time data can be updated during the campaign run and content can be contextually adapted e.g. when a user opens an email. artegic has received multiple awards for its innovative implementation of real-time marketing abilities, including the International and German Stevie Award and the ECO Internet Award.

“We are very happy that with artegic we have an experienced email technology provider at our side for our agile development of new and innovative real-time marketing products”, says Sandra Prinzenberg, Director Multichannel & Lifecycle Management at PAYBACK.

To secure the necessary process efficiency, artegic developed an automated content processing solution for PAYBACK which can display the complex content condition logic in an efficient way. This solution includes the adoption of planning data and campaign briefings  from Excel-based ELAINE campaign sheets, the creation of teasers via an integrated online graphic editor, as well as the workflow management for the coordination of granular changes and the clearing of partners and service providers. The most important requirements from PAYBACK on the email marketing technology employed, are the display of the content condition logic, comprehensive abilities for marketing automation, the support or display of the creation and approval process, as well as the highest level of data security, reliability and send quality.

“Due to our highly individualised marketing, we have a very complex environment. artegic offers the necessary technical solution to successfully and efficiently display the process including the communication personalised in real time. With ELAINE, we have found the most suitable technological platform for our highly demanding tasks. artegic supports us to consistently master new requirements and innovative approaches”, says Mark Brauch, Director Digital Direct Marketing at PAYBACK.

“Individualised marketing on this level requires the processing of a large number of granular contents. The ability of quick and efficient content processing can be seen as the core of relevant and target-specific communication in the digital dialogue. In the collaboration with PAYBACK, we are looking forward to being able to realise internationally highly demanding tasks in this area”, explains Stefan von Lieven, CEO at artegic AG.

artegic AG – Know-how and Technology for Online CRM 

artegic AG supports companies in the construction of loyal and profitable B-to-B and B-to-C customer relations via online channels. Our service portfolio includes strategic consulting, technologies and business services for online CRM and dialogue marketing via email, mobile and social media.

With the online CRM technology ELAINE FIVE, artegic offers a unique high-performance solution for the comprehensive realisation of campaigns, as well as marketing automation based on self-sharpening analytical customer profiles. artegic received the eco Internet Award for its trend-setting implementation of data privacy requirements.

Internationally, each month, approximately 2.7 billion emails, SMS and social media messages are sent via ELAINE FIVE. As an associated company of the Fraunhofer Gesellschaft, artegic draws on the know-how of the latter, as well as the expertise from long-standing best practice with renowned clients, such as RTL, PAYBACK,, REWE, maxdome, Hyundai and the German Federal Ministries of Finance and Justice.

artegic is certified company-wide by TÜV Rheinland, according to the international standard for IT and Data Decurity ISO/IEC 27001.

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