Pamoja to feature in exciting new Cambridge University Students’ Union digital campaign

Pamoja partners with schools to create blended learning programmes through a balance of structure, online strategies, collaborative approaches and experienced International Baccalaureate (IB) teachers.

Cambridge Strategies, published by the Cambridge University Students’ Union (CUSU) and its official publisher, St James’s House, throws a spotlight on educational institutions and digital innovators that have thrived under the guidance of UNESCO, and discusses some of the most pressing issues in education, trade, employment and sustainability.

Richard Freed, Chief Executive of St James’s House, commented: “Cambridge Strategies is a groundbreaking global campaign that delivers thought-provoking content in an interactive and user-friendly format. The website not only identifies leaders in education and an extensive range of professional opportunities, but also highlights the work of UNESCO and their ongoing endeavours in the fields of global education, cultural diversity and scientific research.”

On being invited to participate in this prestigious project, Richard Grazier, Pamoja’s Director of Growth and Strategy, commented: “The opportunity to support and feature in Cambridge Strategies’  report on UNESCO’s 70th anniversary is a great honour. The campaign’s focus on the important role of technology in widening access to high quality education globally is closely aligned with Pamoja’s efforts to deliver more opportunities for individuals across the world to access education. Our belief, that education is vital in equipping people and communities with the power to protect and improve the world for the next generation, is recognised in UNESCO’s own aim.”

Grazier highlighted Pamoja’s role in overcoming the education obstacles faced by so many: “By empowering and transforming schools as blended institutions where technology just becomes part of what happens, rather than an alternative, technology can deliver opportunities to study a wider range of subjects, creating learning partnerships that provide access to experienced and talented teachers. Pamoja’s team of cloud-based IB teachers offers students the opportunity to take advantage of the respected, quality IB programmes, whatever their personal circumstances. Pamoja is paving the way for children across the world to access a quality education, ensuring that steadily more and more young people receive an education that will equip them, in line with UNESCO’s aims, to contribute to the building of peace and the eradication of poverty.”

“It’s a real privilege to work with CUSU and Pamoja,” says Richard Freed of St James’s House. “Pamoja has a great deal to offer, and we are very pleased to announce its input in this unique digital publication.”

Notes to editors

The Cambridge Strategies eBook and app can be accessed via the project’s website at

For further information about Cambridge Strategies, please contact Head of Editorial Stephen Mitchell at or on +44 (0) 20 8371 4045.

About Pamoja

Pamoja, based in Oxford, UK, was founded in 2009. As the only provider approved by the International Baccalaureate to offer a blended learning option to IB Diploma students, Pamoja uses instructional design, online strategies and highly qualified IB teachers to put students at the centre of a truly global learning environment.