OSNEXUS Announces Shared Storage Solutions for End-to-End Media Production Workflows

QuantaStor SDS’ high-performance and flexible software defined storage infrastructure supports workflows including media ingest and acquisition, media staging, search and logging, editing, asset management, and broadcast delivery via file, block, and object storage in one platform on commodity hardware.

“Our SDS platform is unique in that we’ve developed grid technology linking appliances together across sites enabling the entire storage environment to scale up and out while simultaneously being managed as a single unit,” said Steve Umbehocker, CEO of OSNEXUS. “QuantaStor SDS uses the most advanced and mature open storage technologies so that our media customers can archive for the long term while ensuring integrity of the data for decades to come.”

QuantaStor SDS enables IT generalists to set up and manage complex, open source, scale-up and scale-out file, block, and object storage technologies with only a few mouse clicks, letting media and entertainment professionals focus on what they do best: content creation, production and distribution.

QuantaStor SDS Shared Storage Solutions for Media Editing and Workflows Highlights:

Global Namespaces – Global Namespaces group shares together into a globally accessible folder across selected appliance groups. The appliance groups can include all appliances in a grid or only a subset of QuantaStor SDS appliances and storage systems. Global Namespaces utilize Microsoft DFS technology to redirect SMB/CIFS clients to network share locations and can work together with Highly-Available (HA) storage pools via DFS or NFSv4.

Universal Shared Digital Media Storage – QuantaStor SDS enables media production and editing teams to create and share digital media folders across storage networks via Global Namespaces to participate in media production, editing and broadcast workflows.

Avid Media Composer Integration – QuantaStor SDS provides SMB storage to Avid Media Composer environments with Avid awareness. Leveraging MediaHarmony, an open source (GPL) VFS extension module for Samba, QuantaStor SDS lets editors and artists collaborate using the same content simultaneously by providing dedicated copies of Avid Media Composer metadata files on shared storage.

Founded in 2010, OSNEXUS enables organizations to manage their storage ranging from small sites to hyper-scale deployments across global datacenters with its QuantaStor SDS industry-leading Software Defined Storage (SDS) platform. The QuantaStor platform provides scale-out file, block, and object storage technology as a single, easy-to-manage solution.

QuantaStor SDS, deployed by Global 500 companies worldwide, addresses a broad set of storage use cases including server virtualization, big data, cloud computing and high performance applications through scale-out physical and virtual storage