OpSec Security Extends Partnership with National Football League

On Thursday, February 4, the NFL, in conjunction with ICE, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and San Francisco Bay-area law-enforcement agencies, held a press conference on Operation Team Player, a combined effort to crackdown on counterfeit merchandise and Super Bowl 50 tickets.

During the press conference, NFL Counsel, Dolores DiBella, announced the league “renewed its extended partnership with OpSec Security, ensuring that all NFL or Club-licensed products will carry an authentication hologram label or hangtag, so consumers can continue to rely on these hallmarks of NFL authenticity at the point of sale.”

All products with the NFL logo or other NFL trademark, or the trademarks of the thirty-two NFL Member Clubs, carry an authentication label or hangtag produced by OpSec. Utilizing proprietary technologies, OpSec has created advanced security labeling that is used by law enforcement and investigators to quickly identify authentic products, while ensuring that counterfeiters will be unable to replicate the security features.

In addition, OpSec provided a major component to the Super Bowl ticket security. “Importantly,” DiBella continued, “…on the back of each ticket is a true-color OpSec hologram – this year, with the skyline of downtown San Francisco, the gold 50, and the commemorative Duke football.”

“We’re proud to extend our long-standing relationship with the National Football League and look forward to the expansion of our partnership,” said Rich Cremona, CEO of OpSec Security.

About OpSec Security

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Branddy Spence
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