ONPP-A – New Magnetostrictive solution designed by Gefran for the pneumatics industry

Based on proprietary ONDA technology, the new ONPP-A transducer installs directly to the pneumatic cylinders surface and measures the position of the standard magnet integrated in the cylinder of all principal manufacturers. The new ONPP-A was designed to solve one of the main problems with measuring magnets in pneumatic cylinders: recognition of polarity, which, depending on the magnet’s orientation, can cause an offset when reading its position. Due to a proprietary design developed by Gefran, the ONPP-A automatically performs recognition and consequent calibration, thereby eliminating any errors in position reading. The system offers a series of other advantages: first of all, a smaller sensor performs the read of the entire cylinder stoke, reducing the size of the transducer as much as possible to the dimensions of the cylinder itself (according to ISO 15552). This makes the transducer especially suitable for coupling with pneumatic cylinders, as do other characteristics specifically designed for this application: *direct installation on cylinder profile without brackets *anodised aluminium body with extra-thin profile (thickness less than 1 cm) *M8 radial connection The transducer is available in strokes from 50 to 900 mm and has a direct analogue interface in voltage. Accuracy levels are optimized for pneumatic applications: resolution is infinite, linearity error is ± 0.2% (± 1 mm min.) of stroke, and repeatability error is 0.05 mm. The increased performance levels plus an excellent price-quality ratio make the ONPP series ideal for the pneumatics sector, offering an innovative solution for a demanding market whose need is detailed and integrated monitoring of automated processes. Contact Information GEFRAN SALES at 781-729-5249; Toll Free at 1-888-888-4474 or send an email to info.us@gefran.com . About Gefran (www.gefran.com) Gefran is a global manufacturer of Automation products specifically designed for the industrial and manufacturing industry. Gefran’s Automation Controls and Sensors are manufactured in Provaglio Italy and in Boston, MA. This includes the Impact Sensor a Mercury Free Fluid Free Sensor. All product sold in the US are supported in North America from the Boston, MA service center. Gefran is a global manufacturer of industrial controls, sensors, automation, and motor control products. Company information can be found at the Gefran website: www.gefran.com. Gefran Inc. 8 Lowell Avenue Winchester, MA 01890 t. 781-729-5249 f. 781-729-1468 info.us@gefran.com www.gefran.com Press Office Fran Barbaro Tel. 1-781-782-6622 fran.barbaro@gefran.com ENDS