octopus monitoring is launched

Using cutting edge machine-learning technology, the octopus by Contify dashboard is constantly updated to provide key information, tracking competitors and market news from thousands of sources.

Such is the value to your business of this bespoke platform; octopus is offering this excellent monitoring service for a very reasonable monthly fee as they think it’s a great way to show how Competitive Intelligence work for any business.

This launch of octopus monitoring reflects a further step move to grow us into a major global player in the field in Competitive Intelligence. octopus and its message make a somewhat complicated subject understandable.

Managing Director Graeme Dixon is delighted to be working closely with Contify “We have helped Contify refine their offering and what we love about it the platform’s powerful engine and its simplicity.”

Graeme commented “there are inferior platforms out in the market and cost they cost many thousands use. We are offering 30 days free access so companies can see it’s power and introducing Competitive Intelligence to large and small businesses a like.

To Sign up for a 30-day free trial click here: http://octopusintelligence.co.uk/free-trial


We are octopus, the Global Competitive Intelligence Agency. Answering the questions you need to ask. Nottingham based and formed in 2008.


Contify is an award winning Market Intelligence platform. It provides businesses with real time Intelligence on Competitors, Key Accounts, Prospects, and Industries from News, Corporate websites, and the social web including Blogs, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.