ObserveIT Launches Game-Changing New Features Including 180 Real-Time Alerts and Mac OS Support

ObserveIT, the world’s leading provider of insider threat management software with over 1,400 customers worldwide, has announced the general availability of ObserveIT 6.7, making it easier than ever to protect organizations against insider threats.

free trial of ObserveIT including its latest innovations can be found here. The “Top 5 features of ObserveIT v6.7” can be viewed in this video.

“Not only does ObserveIT provide us with a very effective and powerful user monitoring solution, the company is constantly innovating to deliver advanced capabilities that enable us to stay ahead of cyber thieves,” said Samuel Kato, IT Security Manager at Millicom . “Upgrading to ObserveIT 6.7 brings us new features that make it even easier to identify the people – vendors, privileged users and high-risk users – who pose the biggest insider threat.”

“Insider threats are the single largest risk facing companies today.  Any company that feels it is immune to this risk simply needs to read the headline-grabbing news about the latest breaches at the NSA, arguably one of the most secure organizations on the planet,” said Mike McKee, CEO of ObserveIT.

Every insider on an organization’s network, from business users and privileged users to 3rd party vendors, presents a threat. ObserveIT identifies and eliminates these insider threats with real-time security awareness, deterrence and visibility into user actions via its industry-leading video playback capabilities. This insight speeds investigations from months to minutes and helps organizations comply with PCI, SOX, HIPAA, NISPOM, GDPR and other compliance requirements.

ObserveIT 6.7 New Features Include:

  • Out-of-the-box Insider Threat Library including 180 categorized rules that decrease risk within hours of deploying the software. 
  • Simple Alert Management via new user and group lists.
  • Anonymization option to guarantee employee privacy and comply with EU regulation. 
  • New Mac Agent to support Mac desktops, laptops and servers in addition to existing OS support for Windows and 17 flavors of Unix and Linux.
  • New Trend Graph to track user risk behavior over time.
  • Automated Categorization of Over 28 Billion Web Pages.
  • Detection of Sensitive Data Exfiltration through Print.

ObserveIT 6.7 is available today and upgrades from previous versions are free for all existing customers as part of their maintenance agreements.

About ObserveIT
ObserveIT is a visual monitoring, investigation and compliance solution used by more than 1,400 customers in 87 countries to identify and eliminate insider threats. By continuously monitoring user behavior, ObserveIT alerts IT and Security teams about activities that put organizations at risk. With full video capture and playback of any policy violation, ObserveIT provides unparalleled visibility into risky user behavior and reduces end-to-end investigation time from hours to minutes. No sifting through logs. No combing through data. When out-of-policy behavior occurs, on-screen notifications educate users with alternatives that are secure and compliant with company policy and industry standards.

For more information visit: http://www.observeit.com.

ObserveIT Media Contact:
Kim Haimovic
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