No.1 Artist Shot Video At Crime Scene

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“Our crew found this house deep in the countryside. There had been a violent break-in and severe vandalism, but the police had abandoned the crime scene. The old lady and owner of the house had died. It was packed with smashed furniture and apparatus from the old communist days, so it was perfect for making a trashy video,“ says director Pat Reiniz.

“It was the most disgusting house I have ever seen. It was shockingly messy. The floor was covered with filth and broken things all over,” says Misty Mae, the female Rednex performer.

The video has been criticized by several artist colleagues for creating controversy by being vulgar, sexist, obscene and promoting weapons and alcohol.

“The story is about manly stereotypes, including sex and violence. The male character is inspired from serial killers. The video is very original and very Rednex,” says Dagger, the Rednex performer who has the lead role.

Pat Reiniz explains further: “Rednex have always been inspired by destruction, decay and dust. This lead us to invent a new genre called Meta-Neo-Turpism”. The original genre Turpism has its roots in the Polish poetry movement from the 1950’s and can be defined as – the indulgence of the repulsive and unsightly.



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The public release will be August 2nd 2018.


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Rednex became famous in 1994 with the party anthem Cotton Eye Joe, which was No.1 in 15 countries. They were the best selling singles artist in Europe during 1994-95 and followed up with 4 more platinum releases – Old Pop in an Oak, Wish You Were Here, Spirit of the Hawk and the album Sex & Violins. 

Manly Man is a comeback single. It is the first new release for Rednex in 8 years and the most ambitious release, in terms of marketing, budget and effort since 2002.

Rednex is the artist with most total weeks at No.1 on the German Singles Chart in the past 40 years,
with 25 weeks. In 2017, Rednex was invited to play at Brandenburger Tor in Berlin in front of an audience of 1,000,000 on New Year’s Eve, the most prestigious live event in Germany, thus becoming the only artist to have done so four times. 

Rednex have been constantly on tour since 1994 totalling more than 1000 gigs. In 2017, they made more than 70 shows in 16 countries on two continents. 

Two persons per second are playing a Rednex song on a 24/7 average around the world on the platforms Spotify and YouTube (=5 million plays/month).

The video was recorded in Jelcz-Laskowice, Województwo Dolnośląskie in Poland on June 25th 2017. 

The Manly Man video contains several historical references throughout the history of Rednex. All 26 performers are featured at some point in the video. A list of those performers plus video and music credits are displayed at the end of the video and on

Turpism appeared after 1956 and was initially used by Polish poets Stanisław Grochowiak , Ernest Bryll and Andrzej Bursa.


* In 2007, Rednex became the first band ever to offer itself for sale on eBay for $1,5M. It is still for sale.

* In 2012, Rednex trashed the convention of the permanent band. Today, the band is a pool of 14 rotating performers from 7 countries. It happens that they have two shows at the same evening in different countries. This concept has caused the management to label the band as immortal with the slogan “Last Band on Earth”.

* Rednex offers itself as a franchise. The New Zealand franchise ran for 18 months in 2013.

* In the original biography in 1994, Rednex claimed to be inbred hillbillies from Brunkeflo in Idaho, USA. It took media six months to reveal the hoax.

* An endless trial battle has raged between the owners of Rednex and the former performer Annika Ljungberg since 2007. In September 2018 is the next round in the second highest court (Hovrätten) of Sweden.

* Rednex is scheduled to perform a tour in China in 2019.

* Rednex averages 0.25 arrests, 0.40 hospital visits, 0.11 lawsuits and 500 bottles of Jägermeister per
single. Jägermeister continues to refuse a sponsorship in spite of many friendly proposals.