The new trend: Luxury niche perfumes


Original, luxurious, bold and always with only the best ingredients. Meet the new trend in the world of perfumes. The word niche means exceptional and unique. Niche perfumes are not really a trend for everyone. It’s the true connoisseurs who appreciate them; they like to try unusual things and don’t mind spending a little more on their perfume.

You will be rewarded, though, with an original composition of very delicate ingredients, such as ambergris, oud wood from Laos, silver frankincense, jasmine leaves picked at night, iris from Grasse in France, the rare Damask rose and often precious stones too. This will all be packaged in a luxury bottle. Of course, the perfume will last you a surprisingly long time.

With these unique perfumes, the boundary between typical men’s and women’s fragrances is often blurred. Perhaps that is why we find so many unisex fragrances amongst niche perfumes. We have selected three niche unisex perfumes that are certainly worth a try.

Creed Millesime Imperial

A dynamic, citrus fragrance blended with sea salt; that’s the unisex perfume Creed Millesime Imperial. It’s a luxury fragrance for men and women of high standing and prestige. After all, the Creed brand has been dedicated to creating exquisite fragrances for royal families and other special customers for over 250 years. With Creed Millesime Imperial, you’ll feel as if you were on the coast of sunny Sicily. At first you will catch accords of fruit and sea salt, followed by Florentine iris, mandarin, Sicilian lemon and bergamot. The base notes have woody tones, musk and seawater. You can also get Creed aftershave balm or shower gel with the same original fragrance as the perfume that will accompany you throughout the day.

Comme Des Garcons Amazingreen

This dazzling fragrance in dark green awakens an unbridled joy in you that you will enjoy all day long. Amazingreen is a unisex perfume by Comme des Garcons that will be appreciated by all exceptional men and women. The perfume combines the scent of green pepper, coriander and green leaves with sea tones in a truly original way. The base tones will then reveal a combination of gunpowder, the aphrodisiac vetiver, seductive musk and mystical frankincense.

Bond No. 9 Downtown Bleecker Street

The very bottle for Bond No. 9 Downtown Bleecker Street suggests that it really is going to be something special. It comes in a star shape with threads of green and purple. Inside it hides an essential jewel, which mixes earthy and refreshing tones. Discover this amazing combination of blueberries, cinnamon, vanilla, suede and sweet caramel! The sensual combination of extravagant ingredients in Bond No. 9 Downtown Bleecker Street will really put a smile on your face.

If you are still hesitant about investing in such a unique perfume, why not try looking at some of the discount perfumes on sale?

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