New Relic Software Analytics Cloud Helps Nonprofits Become Data-Driven Organizations

“At New Relic, we believe that the greatest organizations set out to make an impact on the world,” said Lew Cirne, CEO and founder, New Relic. “I am so impressed by the way nonprofits around the globe are accelerating their efforts by leveraging software. New Relic wants to further amplify this impact through software analytics.”

The New Relic nonprofit program is aimed at increasing accessibility to the company’s products for qualifying nonprofits, and allowing these organizations to focus their time and attention on their core causes. Since launching the program in January 2015, the company has enabled qualifying 501(c)3 organizations to use New Relic’s Application Performance Monitoring (APM) product to monitor their software’s performance. In addition to APM, starting on January 1, 2016, qualifying nonprofit customers will be able to enjoy significant discounts on all New Relic products, including Browser, Insights, Mobile and Synthetics.

“We see New Relic’s cloud-based approach to software analytics as cost-efficient and easy-to-use and one that aligns with the structure and needs of so many nonprofits. With the New Relic nonprofit program, we set out to lower the barrier to entry for nonprofits to understand their software’s performance and business insights, and therefore strengthen their focus on making the world a better place,” said Yvonne Wassenaar, CIO, New Relic.

New Relic’s existing nonprofit program customers include Amara, Drupal Association, Great Nonprofits, House of Dreams, Kiva, Teaching Channel and more.

“At Kiva, New Relic has helped us improve performance and stability, whether it’s for long-running queries, servers that are getting hit too often, or a particular part of an application that isn’t handling increases in user volume,” said Kevin O’Brien, Chief Technology Officer, Kiva. “Stronger website performance means more connections made between lenders and borrowers to help alleviate poverty.”

“Teaching Channel depends on the health and performance of our website for delivering information to approximately one million teachers per month,” said Casey Koon, Director of Product, Teaching Channel. “It has been amazing to see how much useful data New Relic offers for driving every single aspect of our site.”

About the New Relic nonprofit program

Existing customers and new customers can enroll, or learn more, at

Qualified 501(c)3 organizations are eligible to receive up to five free hosts of APM Pro (plus a significant discount on additional hosts in accordance with program terms), as well as a significant discount across products in the New Relic Software Analytics Cloud, including Browser, Insights, Mobile and Synthetics

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