New platform introduces technical materials to designers and artists


Tool #1:
The first of the company’s new tools, “”, provides an engaging digital platform for users from a range of sectors to explore, evaluate and share materials information with fellow professionals, all in one place on the one-stop hub. Launched over the summer, the initial database of around 100 materials includes visuals such as photos and videos that illustrate each material’s characteristics, capacities and potential applications. This database has recently been expanded to cover more than 300 materials and provide an even more comprehensive source of knowledge. In time, the site will add further products from a wider community of material makers and manufacturers.

Responding to the modern trend for immediate interactions, the purpose of the visuals is to inspire and encourage Instagram and Twitter sharing in order to develop a thriving community of users. The library aims to be simple, clean and easy to use, with a modern interface that includes textured photos, minimal font and the capability to download PDFs containing technical information. Users can also save their favourite materials once registered with the community. From prototypes to live R&D projects, there are materials for every project. Direct access to the Goodfellow catalogue from also enables users to order materials with the click of a button.

Tool #2: Goodfellow Materials Hub app
The second new tool, the Goodfellow Materials Hub app, is a brand-new digital platform for scientists, students and engineers to interact via a unique online forum, offering a community of like-minded individuals and experts who can help answer just about every material question imaginable. An interactive periodic table and a range of conversion tools and calculators ensure that users have key research materials information and answers available at the swipe of a screen. Registered users will also be able to access special promotional codes, offering discounts on Goodfellow’s massive range of more than 70,000 research materials.

New opportunities for designers and artists

Goodfellow Marketing Executive Joel Aleixo commented, “These new tools will open up a world of new possibilities in product innovation for designers and artists in a wide range of sectors. Communication, discussion and shared expertise are at the heart of modern research and development, and we are keen to embrace those fundamentals and ensure they are given the appropriate platform to complement and reinforce our extensive range of research materials.”

Goodfellow will be showcasing both its new materials hub library and app tools in late September at Design Junction London (stand F12), the UK’s leading exhibition for contemporary interior design.

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About Goodfellow 
With more than 70 years of facilitating scientific innovation, Goodfellow is a leading global supplier of metals, alloys, ceramics, glasses, polymers, compounds, composites and other materials to meet the research, development and specialist production requirements of science and industry. The company has an extensive range of 70,000 catalogue products in multiple forms available off the shelf, most subject to free delivery within 48 hours and with no minimum order quantities.

With over 6000 customers supported by a worldwide network of offices, agents and distributors, Goodfellow also offers a comprehensive range of bespoke processing services, effectively operating as an extension of the production team in order to develop custom fabricated components in any quantity required. Our in-house team comprises fellow scientists and engineers with extensive knowledge of materials and processing. Through their technical expertise and a supporting range of specification tools, the company has built an unrivalled reputation for helping to find solutions to even the most challenging of research problems. All Goodfellow products are also underpinned by the ISO 9001 quality accreditation.

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