NCKU Graduates Claim Taiwan Enterprises’ Most Favored Job Seekers

Equally noticeable in the survey was that NCKU not only ranks top in graduate students favored by employers but moves up significantly in the global mobility and innovation index.

1111 Job Bank revealed the survey at National Taiwan University Hospital (NTUH) International Convention Center, Taipei, and NCKU President Huey-Jen Jenny Su was invited to attend the ceremony where she expressed her gratitude to NCKU graduates who shine brilliantly in their fields and bring honors to the school.

Cultivating talents require resources and we invite more companies and private sectors to cooperation with schools, so that young people in Taiwan have the opportunity to develop real-world experience and global perspectives, Su told Daniel Lee, vice president of 1111 Job Bank, in an interview.

NCKU has a growing focus on humanistic education and innovation, according to Su, and the university has its roots in engineering research evolving into an industrial planning and enterprise innovations.

Moreover, NCKU has been engaging in internationalization efforts with an emphasis on international relationships and global mobility aspirations, she added.

According to Su, NCKU is a globally-oriented university, in the distinguished league of the world’s leading universities.

Through NCKU’s well-established alumni relations, the innovative results from the students can be backed by the alumni reaching out to the international markets, which will be the best advantage in talent cultivating, she noted.


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