National Deskfast Day, March 19th 2015


The day looks to celebrate the diversity of breakfast and counter the “decline in overall breakfast occasions” in adults and as well as children, who make up “a fifth of the 16.5 billion breakfasts served up in British homes” (Kantar World Panel)  by encouraging people to take breakfast into work and school.

Reports have shown that over half a million children are now going to school without breakfast. This number in adults is much larger as 1 in 10 don’t eat breakfast at all.  Changing consumer lifestyles and a busier schedule have put more stress on mornings, pushing breakfast further down the ‘to-do’ list.

Deskfast Day shows that this shouldn’t be an issue and encourages everyone, however old, to take five minutes and enjoy a Deskfast to start their day!

Breakfast Brands supporting the ‘A Better Breakfast’ crusade include: Actimel, Bonne Mamandebbie&andrew’sDouwe Egberts, Hovis, HP Sauce, Nestlé Cereals and Rowse Honey.

As part of Deskfast Day, people are being encouraged to post workplace pictures to Twitter and Instagram using #DeskfastDay showcasing a huge community of those who care enough about beautiful brekky!

There are many positives to work colleagues and classmates kicking off the day with a Deskfast. For example, it’s a fun and relaxed way to ease into the day and get the mind up to gear. Eating together at work is also a great socialising tool to unite the workplace!

“As lifestyles change, so must breakfast. Don’t skip it; just have a Deskfast!”

Brian George, founder of ‘A Better Breakfast’ said, “ Although breakfast is a huge market with over 16.5 billion breakfast occasions, consumption is now slipping and people are skipping what was once a staple meal. A combination of changing consumer lifestyles, perceived health awareness and changing shopping patterns are having the biggest effect in changing consumer attitudes. That’s why ‘A Better Breakfast’ and ‘Deskfast Day’ are so vital; it’s time someone stuck up for our most beloved and important meal of the day! As lifestyles change, so must breakfast. Don’t skip it; just have a Deskfast!”

For more information on how to get involved visit abetterbreakfast.co.uk and tweet @BetterBreakfast

Notes to Editor

Whenever mentioning ‘Deskfast Day’, please state that it’s run as part of ‘A Better Breakfast’.

If you would like any further information on either ‘A Better Breakfast’ or ‘Deskfast Day’, hi res images or an interview with Brian George, please call Jono White on 0203 174 1907 or email [email protected]

‘A Better Breakfast’ begins on Feb 28th and ends March 28th. The multi-brand campaign travels to 20 Tesco and Sainsbury’s stores across the country as well as 3 mainline London railway station visits to educate and promote a fun and better breakfast occasion.

‘A Better Breakfast’ and ‘Deskfast Day’ are run by Brand Belief Ltd.

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