MovISee Exhibition to Kick off at NCKU This Saturday

The exhibition features a digital platform named MovISee, which is designed for people to play and create individual games and videos with their own existing digital files.

Professor Yen-Ting Cho from the Institute of Creative Industries Design (ICID) organizes the exhibition and is also the creator of MovISee. He said, “MovISee is a system to recreate information.”

“We use depth camera to create mixed reality for people to explore the selected information and ultimately transform people understanding of their body movement as means to composite customized visual output,” said Cho.

“With the MovISee platform, participants have to move their bodies in order to see the visual outputs,” he said, “and after trying various movements, the participants learn to use their body movements to create what they see.”

The exhibition has five zones – Dance, See, Feel, Lie, and Play. Dance zone is interactive and visitors can create their own videos by moving their body. In See zone, visitors can watch previous videos created from MovISee.

Feel zone displays silk scarves created from MovISee videos. Lie zone is occupied by bean bags created with YTC patterns derived from MovISee. Play zone shows an innovative table game inspired by YTC patterns.

Cho’s work connects the movement of humans with various data. By doing so, new sequences are created which reveal relationships between motion and visuals.

By focusing on structure and content, Cho finds that movement becomes the means to create and disrupt time and space.

He is currently exploring textiles patterns that disrupt recorded time and spatial relationships, bridging the gap between craft and technology.

MovISee will be open from January 9 to 17, 9:30am – 5pm daily, free admission.

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