Mother of Liveyon CEO Shares Heartfelt Stem Cell Success Story with Son on ‘Pure-Cast’ Podcast

While already suffering from severe arthritis, Lois tore her ACL/MCL meniscus—leaving her not only with excruciating pain but the thought of being wheelchair-bound for the rest of her life.

For Lois, the next few years looked worrisome. She grappled with the idea of how major surgery and years of physical therapy could still leave her reliant on canes and walkers. But Kosolcharoen, who launched Liveyon in 2016, told his mom to fly out to California for stem cell treatment instead. A doctor injected stem cells below her kneecap—and within 15 minutes, the severe pain was gone.

“Within a month or six weeks, I was walking pain-free two to three miles a day, and it just increased from there,” Lois said. “You know stem cells are real. I think they’re the way of the future, and I think regenerative medicine has a huge place in our aging population. It’s remarkable.”

But Lois’ connection to Liveyon doesn’t end with her remarkable recovery, as she continues to be an integral support system for John as a CEO and for the company.

She also played a major part in the rollout of Liveyon’s Peer Series.

While the two sat in John’s office one afternoon, the good news arrived: After two years of hard work, compliance for Liveyon’s Peer Series was complete and it was ready to launch.

“As the CEO and founder of Liveyon and Liveyon labs, I said ‘of course I want to be the first person that tries the new product, I’ll take the first flagship injection,'” Kosolcharoen said at the time.

But, just as John was there for his mother when she suffered her knee injury, she was there for him, too.

“I said ‘I have the least amount to lose, I’m the oldest and I believe this product is 100 percent pure,'” Lois recalled on the podcast. But if something is wrong, we can’t afford to lose our CEO, so I’ll be first.”

While regenerative medicine is still an experimental field, Liveyon has been a pioneer in the stem cell industry and manufacturer of the highly acclaimed Liveyon Pure© regenerative therapy umbilical cord stem cell product line.

The exclusive video series streams live every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning and features John Kosolcharoen, founder and chief executive officer of Liveyon and Dr. Alan Gaveck, director of education, Liveyon. Dr. Gaveck brings 13 years of experience in both clinical and surgical medical treatments and the two hosts’ intellectual chemistry enhances the show’s format, as they tackle groundbreaking topics and introduce experts in the field of regenerative medicine, including leading researchers and physicians.

Founded in 2016, Liveyon is pushing the boundaries of regenerative medicine with its innovative take on product research and development, manufacturing and distribution, and commitment to safety and transparency. Liveyon and Liveyon Labs Inc. are committed to achieving unparalleled stem cell potency through high live nucleated cell counts, while following validation protocols that produce an extremely consistent product for the most efficacious outcomes. The company’s dynamic ability to adapt to changing market trends and execute on opportunities has fortified its exponential growth and the company is poised to continue making a huge impact in the industry 2019.

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