MobileWorxs launches the T1190 rugged tablet for field service workers



Mobileworxs, leading value-added distributor of enterprise-grade rugged tablets and mobile computing solutions, recently introduced a practical, lightweight mobile tablet with full internet communication and functionality to meet the needs of field workers and management. 


MobileWorxs’ Managing Director, Andrew Cahill said, “The new Windows 10 xTablet –  the T1190 – helps reduce inaccuracies that occur using paper-based systems, as well as the time it takes to process information or complete a task. 


“Often our field service customers face the challenge of finding a rugged mobile device without the associated weight and bulkiness.  The ultra-thin and light design of the T1190 is easy to carry in the field using the integrated back strap and carry-handle.”  


The T1190 rugged tablet also provides the option for real-time data collection using 4G/LTE, which enhances communication between workers and management in other locations or on-site.  


“Providing workers with full internet access in the field is vital for job efficiency, and features such real-time communication, GPS, live traffic updates, and tracking of location and mileage are no longer a luxury but essential to an enterprise’s efficiency,” added Cahill. 


The T1190 enables proper communication and management of workers in the field, which is key to an operation.  “Managing off-site workers can be challenging without the appropriate processes and systems to efficiently track and monitor off site activities without real time data. The T1190 facilitates many processes, such as resolving scheduling conflicts and booking errors that could occur without an automated digital booking system,” said Cahill.  


Other important feature of the T1190 tablet include a sunlight viewable screen, specifically developed for outdoor application.  


The T1190 tablet can be customised to suit specific tasks in the field by adding functional accessories, such as the Honeywell N6703 barcode scanner for all scanning needs; the Magtek 3-in-1 payment module for making payments easy and simple for both the worker and customer.  For extra durability, a bigger bumper kit can be added to prevent any potential damage in the field. 


About MobileWorxs   


MobileWorxs, based in the UK, is a leading value added distributor of enterprise grade Android and Windows rugged tablets and mobile computing solutions in the UK and EMEA that help customers improve the productivity, quality, and responsiveness of their operations 


MobileWorxs’ robust mobile solutions include the provision, staging, deployment, management and support of rugged tablets, mobile computers and accessories across the retail, T&L, manufacturing, government, and health sectors.   



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