Mobiboo Mobile now provides service to an established customer base of businesses and residential customers across the world, thus giving real savings when using phones at home and work, as well as when traveling.
Newly appointed CEO of Mobiboo Mobile, Martin Heath, ex-KPMG, commented “this merger marks the start of great things between our two businesses and we are obviously delighted that we are part of Mobiboo Mobile so soon after launch”. Heath went on to say “Given the increase in WiFi deployment in the UK and Europe, consumers now have a real choice when making calls whilst out and about.”

Using a WiFi mobile handset such as the UTStarcom F1000 or F3000 or one of the many emerging handsets from traditional mobile phone manufacturers which support both mobile SIM cards and Mobiboo, customers can make calls using Mobiboo at home and at work. When out and about, customers can also use the WiFi hotspots of ‘The Cloud’, ‘Surf And Sip’ and ‘MobiZone’ in addition to other authorised open hotspots, worldwide. Mobiboo VoIP has significant cost-saving implications, both domestically and when traveling abroad, as international roaming charges become non-existent. As Heath said “Now all our customers can get the convenience of mobile with the bandwidth of broadband and at the value of VoIP – an unbeatable proposition.”

Mobiboo Customers can also download Mobiboo Dashboard on their computer or laptop, free of charge with £1 complimentary credit which gives them the opportunity to make and receive phone calls and IM messages as well as to exchange photographs and documents and share their computer desktop. Calls to other Mobiboo numbers worldwide are free and the £1 credit can be used to try the service to other numbers anywhere in the world!

Mobiboo Mobile’s Commercial Director, Richard Newsome, ex-Redstone Telecom added that “the cost-savings of VoIP have already been proven by companies such as Skype. Mobiboo Mobile has gone a step further to replicate a true mix of traditional mobile, DECT and landline phone services to provide both residential and business customers with a credible alternative, thus giving real value for money. In a nutshell DECT functionality, mobile capability, free worldwide roaming and an internationally accessible phone number, all coupled with ease of use.”

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Mobiboo is the UK’s first VoIP WiFi mobile phone service in the UK to offer mobile phone numbers, which are accessible worldwide. For more information about Mobiboo Mobile’s products and services, please visit For further information please contact Martin or Richard at:

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