Mills-McCartney at the High Court

With the former Beatle’s fortune estimated at £825 million, it has the potential to be the most costly divorce in British legal history.

Ayesha, of Strand-based Ayesha Vardag Solicitors, will be available to speak to journalists and presenters between 7am and 3pm on Monday.

The main areas for discussion are:

The procedure of the hearing and the amount of money involved;
How Mills will be representing herself and what this involves;
How Mills will have to cross examine Sir Paul herself.

Ayesha spoke on this topic last year, when Sir Paul and Heather Mills met to discuss an out-of-court settlement, on Sky News, BBC News 24, Today and GMTV.

These appearances can be seen here:

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Notes to Editors:

Ayesha Vardag graduated from Cambridge University with Honours in Law and from Brussels with a Master’s in European Law.

Her firm, Ayesha Vardag Solicitors, works regularly with the leading figures at the family law Bar on some of the biggest cases in the English courts.

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