Miller Weldmaster Now Offering Radio Frequency Welding


Why Radio Frequency Welding?

For over 45 years, Miller Weldmaster has manufactured hot air, hot wedge and impulse welding machines.  Over the years, we have listened and responded to our customers’ need of multiple technologies. Our philosophy of growth has led to us to the addition of the most versatile RF welders in the world. We are pleased to now offer a complete line of fabric welding solutions to our North American customers.

What partnership?

We are proud to announce our new partnership with Zemat Technology Group, the largest European manufacturer of radio frequency welding machines in the western hemisphere.

For over 60 years, Zemat has sold over 6,500 machines in more than 75 countries. This partnership combines Miller Weldmaster’s industry-leading presence in North America with Zemat’s global reach of technologically advanced machines. Miller Weldmaster and Zemat have co-developed a line of stationary, traveling and custom radio frequency welding solutions. 

The two companies have a complementary vision and offer a like-minded partnership. The combined 100+ years of industry experience offer customers the knowledge and capability they need.  Our line of RF welders offers versatile, sophisticated control systems with the easy-to-use controls that Miller Weldmaster customers have come to expect. 

What is Radio Frequency Technology?

Radio frequency (RF) welding, also known as high frequency welding or as dielectric welding, is a very safe technology that has been widely used for over 60 years. It is the process of fusing materials together by applying radio frequency energy in the form of an electromagnetic field to the area to be joined. A generator produces the energy. The tool used to supply the energy is called an electrode (or bar). The electrical energy causes the molecules within the material to start moving, which generates heat, that causes the material to soften and thereby fuse together. 

No outside heat is applied because the heat is generated within the material.There are no adhesives or by-products involved in RF welding. RF welding uses a precise combination of time, pressure, and RF energy to form a stronger more uniform weld across the seal.  This makes the weld seam as strong or stronger than the surrounding material. The resulting weld is also airtight and waterproof. Here’s an animation to further explain RF welding.

What Materials can be welded with radio frequency?

The material most commonly used with RF welding is PVC (polyvinyl chloride), also called vinyl and PU (Polyurethane). The material can be thick or thin, reinforced or film. It can also be plain, colored or patterned.

Who uses Radio Frequency Technology?

There is a wide variety of products that are made with radio frequency welding. Some examples would be; tensile structures, tents, swimming pool liners, high speed rolling doors, oil booms, billboards, and many more. To see which machine best fits your industry, click here.

What Radio Frequency Machines does Miller Weldmaster Offer?

Miller Weldmaster offers two standard machines and any custom solution you need. 

The RFlex is a stationary radio frequency machine that was designed with an emphasis on versatility, performance and quality with safety at the forefront.

Producing strong, durable and even welds is what the RFlex was built to do. It will weld a wide range of materials of varying thickness. The reliable and repeatable technology gives you air, gas and waterproof welds even on multiple layers of fabrics.. This versatile machine will save you time and money in the production of many different products. The innovative RFlex fits perfectly in the Miller Weldmaster “work horse” line of welders.

The RFlex TRAVEL is a radio frequency welding machine with a traveling head for the production of large format tensile structures, tarps, geomembranes, tents, and much more. With an optional vacuum worktable up to 100 meters long, you can easily line up your fabric with the laser guides, vacuum it down and press go. Let your traveling welding head do the work for you. 

We also engineer a complete line of custom equipment for all industries including; packaging, automotive and medical. Contact us today and we will help you determine which technology and machine best fits your production.