Midlife Mum and PT helps women to start Owning Your Menopause

2024 the year you start Owning Your Menopause

Despite being a personal trainer, Kate found herself totally derailed in her early 40s as perimenopause started. Her usual strategies to stay well weren’t working and HRT wasn’t the magic bullet she hoped it would be. Only when she started changing the way she exercised, what she ate and drank, and lifting weights did she feel better… and now, a few years down the line she feels more energised than ever before.

Kate wants to empower other women to experience the same revelation. She has written an exercise and lifestyle book to help educate and inspire women to make the same vital changes to their health.

Covering the changes that are happening to women’s bodies and how movement and strength building with weights can be transformative, Kate tackles the barriers that women experience around exercise.

And drawing on her own experience of working with women in midlife, Kate knows that seeing results quickly can often kick start permanent change, so the book will include a 30-day plan, with movement and exercise goals, meal plans and links to online training sessions on her digital platform which can be accessed through QR codes embedded in the book.

Kate Rowe-Ham says: “Whatever your relationship with your body, movement and exercise has been up until now, I want to show that it’s never too late to make changes. Like all of life’s transitions, menopause can be an incredible opportunity to re-assess and make a few sustainable changes which will not only improve how you feel physically and mentally but also equip you with fundamental tools so that you can be fit, active and confident for the next half of your life.”

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