Mendix Helps Saga Quickly Innovate New Application for Home Healthcare

Saga chose the Mendix platform to rapidly build the software and multi-device user interfaces it requires to deliver high-quality, efficient and transparent healthcare at home services. The first application went live on August 17, and was delivered on time and under budget. With development taking just 12 weeks, around half the time of using other technologies, the application allows nurses, care professionals and back-office staff to interact with Saga online. The next phase of the project will provide patients and their families with access to key information via an online portal. Built on Mendix, Saga’s new technology-enabled service will be able to rapidly adapt to new business and market needs.

“We initially considered off-the-shelf software packages, which offered some customisation to our needs,” said Mark Newcomb, Head of IT at Saga Healthcare. “We elected instead to innovate our own applications on Mendix, an approach we’ve found faster and more flexible, which also allows us to quickly accommodate change as we look to redefine the home healthcare market.”

At Saga, development teams have been able to collaborate with key stakeholders to ensure applications closely match the business requirements. Mendix’s visual development environment and agile project management capabilities empower small, cross-functional teams to build applications in short, iterative cycles together with end users. The result is faster time to market and greater business agility, which means that organisations can better capitalise on new opportunities.

“Digital businesses all have critical information processes—and software—at their core, which must continually evolve for the benefit of customers and for competitive advantage,” said Reza Warnink, Vice President of EMEA at Mendix. “We are delighted that Saga Healthcare is building an innovative digital business with Mendix and we look forward to seeing their services grow and evolve in the coming months and years.”

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