MediaBeacon Receives Highest Score in Current DAM Offering by Independent Research Firm

Reference clients are delighted by its Adobe and Microsoft integrations. Forrester evaluated the top DAM providers by researching, analyzing, scoring, and compiling the information into a report that includes a graphical Wave with positioning for each of the companies.


“We delivered on a market-driven product roadmap that was largely influenced by our customers and how to make the DAM experience easy for users and valuable for companies,” says Tim Sixta, Director of Product Management for MediaBeacon. “We believe that our position on the Forrester Wave reflects this initiative and we’re excited for our momentum to keep accelerating as we continue to innovate to meet the needs of a changing market.”

MediaBeacon gathered input from current customers and DAM users in their latest release. The result is an intuitive interface with industry-leading functionality, highly beneficial integrations, ease of new user adoption, and value-adding tools.

MediaBeacon is part of Esko, a global leader of solutions for packaging, labels, sign, and display industries. Since joining Esko in 2015, MediaBeacon has strengthened their product with a focus on the customer.

“We’re thrilled the results of the report reflect, in our opinion, the effort that we have put into developing a product that delights our customers,” says Philippe Adam, VP of Marketing and Strategy at Esko. “We will continue to empower our customers with solutions that meet their needs and influence the future of DAM.”

About MediaBeacon
MediaBeacon is committed to delivering best-in-class DAM. Through partnership with our customers, we empower them to deliver their vision globally from concept to consumer. Our solution enables this through powerful workflows, best-in-class asset management, a connected digital ecosystem, and analytics for digital and physical assets.

As part of Esko, a member of Danaher’s Product Identification (PID) Platform, we have the solution and the team to help you create, manage, publish, and analyze your assets.

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