MarketSpace Capital and DigiShares announce the release of their co-developed Investor Management platform


Because there existed no off the shelf product that met these requirements, both companies proceeded to enter into an agreement to co-develop an entirely new investor management platform.


Today, both companies are proud to announce that the platform they co-developed together is now live and accessible to MarketSpace Capital Limited Partners and Investors.


Other real estate firms will also be able to white-label the new version of the DigiShares platform to use as their own investor management system.


DigiShares CEO, Claus Skaaning stated, “It has been a privilege working with the MarketSpace team this past year, leveraging their unparalleled experience, to bring major upgrades to our platform. MarketSpace Capital has been a pioneer in the application of new technologies to their business, and we’re excited that many other real estate firms will be able to benefit from this groundbreaking work.”


This new platform provides:


  • a seamless subscription flow from the point of indicating interest, going through accreditation / KYC checks, e-signing subscription agreements, to investing. 


  • the ability to track the value of investments in real time, reflecting accrued preferred return, and how much capital an investor needs to receive before a Sponsor starts profit-sharing.


  • a streamlined flow for project updates, with the ability to receive new updates and view prior updates in the same spot.


  • the ability to leverage blockchain technology in the form of smart contracts and tokenization to facilitate further automations and investor liquidity


Sohail Hassan, Managing Partner of MarketSpace Capital, said about the platform: “The DigiShares team have been an absolute pleasure to work  with. The idea started from a need we saw in the market for an investor management tool that incorporated elements of blockchain technology. And, because DigiShares is laser focused on making the buying & selling process of shares in real estate more efficient, we saw this as a perfect fit and almost a year later, have created a tool that every sponsor should consider using in order to make managing their investors more efficient .”


About MarketSpace Capital


MarketSpace Capital is a private equity real estate firm focused on ground-up developments and value-add investments throughout the U.S. Through its relationships, expertise and disciplined, data-driven analysis, MarketSpace Capital’s veteran staff has completed over $1 billion in transactions and has the capability and experience required to maximize value creation through a comprehensive, programmatic, and conservative investment and asset management approach. In addition to producing consistent returns, MarketSpace Capital seeks to create positive economic impact and long-term value for its investors, the properties it invests in, and the communities in which it works.


Website: https://marketspace.capital


About DigiShares Inc.


DigiShares is one of the leading providers of white-label tokenization platforms for real world assets, combining smart contract creation, investor onboarding, cap table management, and peer-to-peer trading in an end-to-end solution. With DigiShares, real asset owners and fund managers can automate processes, more easily fractionalize ownership and democratize access, and increase liquidity through the built-in bulletin board or external exchanges.


Website: https://digishares.io/investor-portal