Macrogen Launches ‘Easybox’, a Premium Temperature-Controlled Package

The customized premium temperature-controlled packaging option was developed by Macrogen, and its delivery speed and reliability were enhanced thanks to an express shipping service by FedEx Express (FedEx), the world’s largest express transportation company.

The Easybox, which includes gel packs, packing instructions and other supplies based on a customer’s specific shipment, enables customers to shorten their shipping preparation time. Macrogen’s Easybox is designed to minimize shipments’ temperature change throughout their transportation. In addition, customers will have the peace of mind that they can track their FedEx shipments over the entire journey.

To protect the content against external shock and maintain the temperature range, the customized delivery package is made of waterproof, insulated, and shock absorbing material. The packing instructions guide customers on how to pack their shipments using dry ice or gel packs to minimize temperature variation, keep delivery costs down and reduce the risk of accidents arising from poor management or overused dry ice or gel packs.

With the launch of Easybox service, Macrogen has made it more convenient for customers by reorganizing its delivery process management system for approximately 18,000 R&D customers in 150 countries. Macrogen plans on increasing its global sales of Easybox as sample management is becoming more vital for Macrogen’s customers, who are expanding from the biotechnology industry to a broader base of customers.

Macrogen CEO Hyeon-yong Jeong said, “As Macrogen’s customer base is expanding from researchers to clinical diagnosis and general customers, the sample management of customers is ever more complex.” He added, “The launch of this customized premium temperature-controlled packaging, Easybox will provide greater convenience for customers and manage customers’ samples safely”.

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